Religion: What is the definition of religion?

My quest for definitions means continual self-tutoring. The tutor discusses the definition of religion.

religion: system of belief in and worship of a supernatural power or god.1

Over the past year I’ve been party to several discussions about belief in God. More than one person has indicated that belief in God is distinct from religion.

What, then is the definition of religion? Is it the one above?

I stumbled upon a video on YouTube in which Abhay Charanavarinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada defines religion:

Religion means to understand God.2


1Gilmour, Lorna (editor). Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Glasgow: HarperCollins, 2006.


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Cooking: the found recipe

Tutoring high school subjects, you learn about teenagers. The tutor tells a story about a recipe he found.

On a late-July day in 2013, walking around Robron Centre with my kids, I saw a photocopy lying on the deserted pavement. I knew at once it was a kid’s assignment, cast off with the school year that had ended a month earlier. I picked it up.

I guess there hadn’t been much rain since school had let out. The photocopy was in good condition, somewhat browned from the sun. It was a recipe, likely from a foods class. The title – Apple Coffee Cake – led into a description of the muffin method. The page had neither date nor name. In neat pen, much neater than my writing ever was, the student had answered all the questions following the recipe.

I decided to keep the recipe; I told my kids we’d make it at home. Not immediately, but sometime that fall, when school was already back in, we did. I’ve made it a few times since; my family likes it. The recipe is pinned to the fridge.

I’ve always wondered why the student, having completed that assignment, never handed it in. Likely, by now, they’ve either graduated or are just about to. Do they recall that recipe, that day in foods class, at all?

A teenager’s life is often more complex than an adult’s. Priorities can change invisibly, hour by hour. That’s how you end up with a carefully completed assignment, deserted in a school parking lot, never having earned any credit.

Let’s get those completed assignments in, people:)

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Lifestyle: First day of spring, 2017

Tutoring, you notice how the seasons affect people.

Back in my Jan 26, 2015 post, I explained my personal definition of the first day of spring: the first sunny day with temperature 10°C or higher. It happened on January 25 in 2015; in 2016, on January 28. This year, it happened yesterday, March 14, 2017. The sky was sunny with a surprising high of 14.7°C! (It’s been a very cold winter.)

I have another occasion to mention today: this is Oracle Tutoring’s 1000th post. (The first was on August 22, 2012.)

While the blog began with its focus on academics, I added a lifestyle category in 2014. I’ve followed my interests, which of course aren’t just academic. I have high hopes that there is something for everyone among the posts already published, and that there will be in those yet to be written.

To all my readers, all over the world: I feel privileged to reach out to you in way I couldn’t have imagined when I left school:)


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English: defense vs defence

Tutoring English, you can’t help but notice nuances.  Here’s one the English tutor has thought about since elementary school.

About 35 years ago I asked my elementary teacher whether to use defence or defense.  She was sporting; we looked in the dictionary together.  It was a British-focused one, so it preferred defence, still allowing defense.  Defense, I think it remarked, was American.

Today I have three different dictionaries in front of me.  Merriam-Webster says defence is a British variation of defense.  Oxford defines defense as “= defence.”  My Collins Essential Canadian English doesn’t have an entry for defense; it only contains defence.

Apparently, defense is American, while defence is British.  Here’s where the American one makes more sense, though:  as far as I can tell, defensive is spelled with an “s”, never with a “c”, in each of the dictionaries.  Possibly, the Yanks went with defense because of the spelling of defensive.

Thanks for coming by.  Cheers:)

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Testing, testing…

Good afternoon.  This is the first blog entry by Oracle Tutoring, Campbell River, BC.  We tutor math, chemistry, physics, biology 12, English, French, and science.

We will be doing posts that help with specific problems or queries in the subjects above.

Thanks for coming.  Please visit again soon!