Coffee: reheat temperature

Coffee appreciation involves self-tutoring. The tutor brings up a couple of observations about reheating coffee.

I’m a coffee drinker, to be sure. I make a pot at a time, then reheat it later, cup by cup.

I would say that the best cup of coffee isn’t when it’s freshly made, but the next morning, reheated.

When I used cream in my coffee, I had to reheat it fairly hot so the addition of the cream afterwards wouldn’t make it cold. I gave up cream last August for health reasons (see my post here).

Drinking coffee black was tough to get used to, but ten months later, I am. Of course, the coffee doesn’t have to be so hot as before. What I’m noticing in particular is the different flavour profile depending on the degree of reheat. Ten seconds less in the microwave can reveal delicate flavours that won’t be present after that last ten seconds. I’d say it’s because the flavour molecules in coffee can be fragile, so easily changed by overcooking.

Drinking black coffee, the reheat can be much cooler than if you take cream. I’m experimenting with lower heat to discover those flavours that were lost before, when I used to cook the coffee to a higher temperature.

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