Lifestyle: the Tenlined June Beetle

tenlined June beetle

Meet my latest visitor: a tenlined June beetle.

I never see many of these around; this is the second I’ve seen this year. They’re meant to live west of the Rocky Mountains, so I’m pretty sure of this I.D.


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Lifestyle: watering the lawn: best time and way

I’ve recently taken self-tutoring about lawn watering. The tutor shares some discoveries.

On the west coast, summer is often very dry. Typically, if the lawn isn’t watered, it will go brown.

Where I live, we have watering restrictions. On the days I’m allowed to water, it’s either 5-9am or 7-10pm. I looked up when is better. Condensed, here are the hints I found about watering the lawn:

  1. Water in the morning before the heat of the day.
  2. Use a pulsating sprinkler: the water spends less time in the air → less loss to evaporation. However, for new grass,
    use oscillating sprinkler → gentler on the budding seeds.
  3. Water to soak 6 inches (15cm) deep.
  4. Water no more than twice per week.

I don’t water every part of the lawn every time; sometimes I only water the weaker patches, maybe for twenty minutes each.


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Lifestyle, biology: A twin-spotted sphinx moth?

I find that being outside in the summertime leads to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a find from the siding this morning: a twin-spotted sphinx moth (Smerinthus jamaicensis)

I don’t remember seeing one of these. A quick internet search yielded what I believe is a match. Indeed, Smerinthus jamaicensis is meant to live in southern BC: I think that’s what this handsome moth is. (I didn’t disturb it; it seems to be fine with the paparazzi:)


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Biology, Lifestyle: food preservation by irradiation

Tutoring biology, you might be asked about food irradiation. The tutor briefly talks about it.

Food irradiation is a preservation method that exposes food to radiation to kill organisms that might cause spoilage.

A question I had was, “Why doesn’t irradiation damage the nutrients in food?” From reading, I’ve surmised that the radiation separates the organisms’ DNA into building blocks, rendering it useless (so that they mostly die or just can’t reproduce). However, those building blocks are still useful as raw materials to whoever consumes the food – that’s as I understand, anyway.

Food irradiation has been an accepted technique for decades; the US space program has used irradiated food since the 1970s.


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Biology: cells that don’t require insulin to import glucose

Tutoring biology, insulin is bound to come up. The tutor shares a discovery he made today.

Apparently, not all body cells require insulin to import glucose from the blood. I first read that brain and liver cells don’t. Next, I discovered a resource on facebook that suggests not only those, but also red blood cells, skeletal muscles engaged in exercise, and kidney cells can use glucose from the blood without insulin.

Interesting, eh?


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Home computer use, technology: what is BitTorrent vs direct download?

Understanding home computer use might involve constant self-tutoring. The tutor explains BitTorrent, as he understands it.

With direct download, your computer receives a resource from a server.

With BitTorrent (protocol), your computer receives a file that contains the locations of other computers that contain the resource, or perhaps just parts of it. Your computer can then request parts of the resource from those other computers until eventually it accumulates the entire content.

The thinking behind BitTorrent is that receiving the resource, in pieces, from many computers at once might lead to a faster download. Moreover, the draw on the original server is less, since other computers that have received the resource can then share it.

Good BitTorrent citizenship means you upload as much as you download. Apparently, you can choose a BitTorrent client that keeps track; when they’re equal, you can (ethically) remove that resource from your BitTorrent client, knowing you’ve shared appropriately. There are numerous BitTorrent clients (programs) available; to participate in BitTorrent, the user needs first to load one.

PS: There may also be a specific client for BitTorrent protocol that is, itself, called BitTorrent.


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English: the meaning(s) of replace

Tutoring English, you constantly think about words. The tutor shares an idea about the word replace.

We all know the typical meaning of the word replace:

replace: to substitute a thing with another of similar appearance or use

Let’s focus, for a moment, on the literal meaning of re-place. To do so, we consider the definition of the verb place:

place: to put or set in an appropriate position: he placed the pitcher in the centre of the table.

By the meaning of the verb place, can’t replace mean the following?

replace: to put or set again in an appropriate position

An example of my literal meaning of the word replace is as follows:

After watering one quadrant of the lawn for half an hour, he replaced the sprinkler in an adjacent quadrant.

Makes sense, no?

Neither dictionary I consulted offers my opinion:)


Merriam-Webster. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.

Gilmour, Lorna (ed.) Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary & Thesaurus. Glasgow: HarperCollins, 2006.

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Math: How to convert between fraction and decimal on the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C

Tutoring math, you notice the peculiarities of scientific calculators. The tutor brings up one about the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C.

If you enter the operation 14÷9 into the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C, you’ll just as likely see 14/9 on the screen. If you want the decimal, just press the S⇔D key.

You can keep pressing the S⇔D key to toggle through various formats of the answer.


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Grapes to raisins: the condensation ratio

Tutoring math, all kinds of relationships might call out to you. The tutor brings up the water loss from grape to raisin.

According to one source, fresh grapes contain 1g fibre per 138g. According to another source, raisins contain 1g fibre per 40g.

Therefore, assuming the only loss from grape to raisin is water, 98g of 138g is lost as grapes become raisins. The percentage weight loss is 98/138 = 71%.

Neat, eh?


no name® Thompson seedless raisins package

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Home computer use, Microsoft Word: Thur or Thurs for Thursday

Tutoring business English, you might know of this preference of Word. The tutor shares a discovery about the abbreviation for Thursday.

A few days back, I was typing on Word 2016. Thur was marked as a misspell, but of course it was, I reasoned: Thursday is the true spelling.

However, Thurs passes unmarked on my copy of Word 2016.

I love discoveries like this:)

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