Bird watching, lifestyle: Oregon dark-eyed junco, part II

Bird watching means constant self-tutoring. The tutor mentions another encounter with a dark-eyed junco.

March 8 last year, my post was about a couple of dark-eyed juncos. This morning, I had no idea they’d compel me to write another post about them. Apparently, the dark-eyed junco refuses to be ignored.

I didn’t see the junco at first, but heard a long trill that repeated insistently. Scanning the hedges and trees, I noticed a lone bird with a black head whence the song seemed to come.

The junco was not alone; a collection of birds dueled for attention, including a robin. I have high hopes of identifying more bird songs – and discussing them here – very soon:)


Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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