Computer searches: literal search?

For me, refining search techniques leads to constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a discovery about searching on some sites.

Today I was at a site and entered the search term “triglyceride”, quotes and all. Two articles were offered in reply: the page showed the first paragraph of each. From there, I saw the word “triglyceride” in one.

I clicked the other article and scanned it for “triglyceride”, but couldn’t find it. I then asked the browser to find “triglyceride” on the page: No result found. The article itself was about cholesterol.

As far as I’m aware, entering a word in quotes suggests literal search. Moreover, triglyceride and cholesterol are not equivalent; the terms have different meanings. Even so, within the site I was visiting, the search utility seemed to decide that “cholesterol” is closely enough related to “triglyceride” to return an article about cholesterol to a literal query about triglyceride. Curious.

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