Home computer use: appeasing Windows 10

More self-tutoring: the tutor talks about a bump on his digital road.

Traveling, time is typically a concern for me. Though I’ve been doing it more and more, I’m still not accomplished at traveling. I can make it – but that’s about it.

When a computer crashes on the road, it’s even worse for me than at home, since time is tight anyway. This computer crashed this weekend while I’m over here in Abbotsford.

Twice, while using Chrome, I couldn’t post to my blog. After the second reboot, I’m using IE, with apparently no problems. Sometimes, when in doubt, I return to the on-board option – in this case it’s working (fingers crossed).

I’m a fan of Chrome. However, this moment, it seems not to be getting along with Windows 10, for whatever (likely temporary) reason. Actually, I’m a fan of IE as well.

Abbotsford has been great – more about that in a coming post.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

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