Lifestyle: How to lower cholesterol: some preliminaries

The tutor starts on the topic of lowering one’s cholesterol.

In my life, the topic of cholesterol has risen. Immediately, questions evolve:

  1. Which foods can raise cholesterol?
  2. Which foods can lower it?

Most people have a notion that consuming fatty foods raises cholesterol. My reading so far indicates that saturated fats and trans fats are particularly problematic. Saturated fats, it seems, are found in animal products such as dairy foods. The trans fats to worry about, from what I’ve read, are of the form “partially hydrogenated oils,” which are used in some industrial food production settings. Apparently a person might want to avoid foods that have “partially hydrogenated oils” listed on the package – as well as ones that mention “trans fat” – unless the percentage of them is very low (perhaps 2% total fat content or less).

Apparently, just because foods are oily, doesn’t mean they don’t help. My reading indicates that olive oil, peanut oil, sunflower oil, and fish oil (from salmon, for example) certainly can. The trend seems to be that most plant oils help (tropical oils possibly less so), while fats from dairy and red meat tend not to.

I’ll be sharing more about cholesterol:)


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