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Finding blogs to follow leads to self-tutoring: the tutor mentions Maanini Singhvi’s blog A Fresh Outlook.

Reading a blog can inject you with the writer’s point of view. Such was my experience today, reading Tagore’s Ideals and Our Progress. Therein, Maanini observes challenges India faces towards becoming an ideal nation. I wonder if Maanini realizes any large democracy could be the subject.

Tagore’s poem, displayed above the post, sounds almost biblical, and reminds the reader that our “western” ideals actually come from the eastern world. Asia was the centre of human civilization for thousands of years before the “western” countries even existed. India, China, Iraq, and Egypt, with their marvelous agricultural potential and other natural resources, hosted the development of our common ideas of civilization.

Large western democracies had their time of prominence during the 20th century, but now, seemingly, need reinvent themselves. Maanini, mentioning India’s internal challenges, highlights our own as well.

A couple of clauses from Maanini’s article catch my attention. One is the observation that Parliament’s “sessions are washed away with trivial issues….”; I love the imagery there. The other is that India’s progress is a thousand mile journey that must begin with a single step, which is based on the saying by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu.

While India and China seem seldom to be mentioned together, they are neighbours. Both have emerged into dominance this new millennium, from starkly different approaches. As we all go forward, what will those two old giants teach to each other, and to us in the west?


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