Lifestyle: when to harvest apples

Lifestyle is continuous self-tutoring – for me, anyway. The tutor comments about when he chooses to pick apples from the tree.

When my first son was born, we planted him an apple tree. Without having to compete for sunlight, or space, it’s prospered over fifteen years. Today it’s heavily laden with apples, which I’m about to pick.

When to harvest the apples is often a question. I’ve read it’s best to wait until a few fall off, but for me that’s only one of three cues:

  1. A few apples fall off by themselves.
  2. Picking one, it tastes sweet.
  3. The first fall storm has come.

Our first fall storm was yesterday, of course: for me, therefore, the time has come to harvest the apples. I’m not recommending these guidelines, but they’re how I decide.


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