What does apposite mean?

Tutoring English, vocabulary is always interesting. The tutor mentions the word apposite.

apposite adj: cleverly chosen for the situation.

The meal of cold-cut sandwiches was apposite, given the hot weather.


Barber, Katherine et al. Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English. Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2005.

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Crunchy peanut butter vs smooth: which is more popular, and by how much?

Self-tutoring about peanut butter preference: the tutor inquires about the popularity of crunchy vs smooth.

We eat a lot of peanut butter, but have gone years without buying crunchy. I’d say 95% of the peanut butter we’ve ever bought has been smooth.

Yet, I notice crunchy peanut butter every time, and want to get it. I’ve always liked it, but of course, I like both. The question that finally crystallized in my mind: who does buy crunchy peanut butter, if we so rarely do?

It turns out about 60% of people prefer smooth peanut butter. I thought the difference would be much higher.

Recently we’ve been buying some chunky, some smooth:)




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How rare is a four-leaf clover?

Self-tutoring about plant lore: the tutor researches four-leaf clovers.

The rarity of the four-leaf clover is around 1:10000, research suggests.

I’ve never found a four-leaf clover. However, one summer when I was a kid, one of my friends found one, I think in late May. That was when I was in grade 3, in PEI.

A week later the same kid found another. The trend continued all summer: he just kept finding them. I can’t recall anyone else ever doing so.

Some reading suggests that, because of genetics, four-leaf clovers might be found in clusters. However, that wasn’t how my friend found them; he found them anywhere. While we were awaiting other friends or wondering what to do next, he’d look down: “Another four-leaf clover!” he’d exclaim. He found one on a patch of earth almost bare of grass.

I always wondered how he did it, finding all those four-leaf clovers. I hope to find one someday. I left PEI when I was 10, and haven’t been back since. Yet, not having found a four-leaf clover there, even though I guess they were all around, leaves me to recall the wide blue skies and vast green fields and long sunny days of summer there.

My grade 8 kid just walked in. He says his friend, like mine from long ago, often found four-leaf clovers when they were in grade 3, but not really since. Curious, eh?




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Screen resolution, dp and ppi

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor inquires about screen size, resolution, dp, and ppi.

Apparently, dp is 160x(screen size in inches).

Resolution means, as I understand, the logical, rather than physical, linear elements across the screen. The reason: ppi (pixels per inch, aka pixel density) is device-dependent.

Resolution may be given in px by px: for example, 1280 by 768 pixels.

To get dp, a formula is (resolution/ppi)*160.





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What is clarified butter, and what is ghee?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor arrives at the definitions of clarified butter and ghee.

Clarified butter and ghee are not the same but can be explained as follows:

  1. Clarified butter is begun by heating butter at low heat so that it melts.
  2. As the butter melts, solids will sink to the bottom and a foam will form on top.
  3. The clarified butter is just the liquid without the foam or solids.
  4. If the butter is heated for longer, the liquid will deepen in color and the foam will solidify and sink. Then, the liquid is ghee.



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Flash point vs fire point: what is the difference?

Self-tutoring about safe temperature to heat cooking oil led the tutor to seek the difference between flash point and fire point.

At the flash point, the vapor is ignitable but will only burn with a continuous source of ignition. At the fire point, the vapor, once ignited, will burn independently, even if the ignition source is removed.



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How to keep eggshell out of your baked goods

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor shares a simple trick.

When you bake something, you definitely don’t want eggshell in it. Of course, it usually wouldn’t happen. However, the odd time, an egg might crack irregularly, so that a piece of shell separates from the rest and lands in the bowl with the egg.

It’s easy to retrieve the shell fragment if you can see it, which is why I try to remember to use a dark-colored bowl, and put the eggs in first. Then, if a shell fragment lands in the bowl, it’s easy to see and remove.


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A rub for chicken legs

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor shares a find.

I searched up a rub to elevate some chicken legs on the barbecue and found this one from Brenda McGrath at allrecipes.com, a site I often visit for recipes.

I rubbed the chicken legs in it, then indirect-grilled them on the barbecue at medium-high heat for about 80 minutes.

One of my kids commented that the chicken legs tasted “like barbecue chips.” Everyone loved the rub. Thanks, Brenda!

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Why flour a cake pan?

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor wonders why flour a cake pan.

Apparently there are two reasons to flour a cake pan:

  1. Help support the batter as it rises against the pan.
  2. We assume that the pan has been buttered before floured. Then the flour reduces the melting of the butter into the dough.

An idea I read is that, for a chocolate cake, you can dust the pan with cocoa instead of flour to serve the same purpose. Neat, eh?



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Celery: health benefits

Self-tutoring about nutrition: the tutor gives celery a closer look.

As a vegetable, celery is convenient to serve. It needn’t be peeled, just washed and chopped into sticks. It’s not my kids’ favourite, but dietary variety is important.

I wondered if celery is nutritious; apparently, it is, with numerous vitamins and minerals, and significant antioxidants. Moreover, it offers anti-inflammatory benefits, and even helps against cholesterol.

Serving celery with meals seems even easier to justify than I’d thought:)




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