Seasons, lifestyle: first day of spring 2018

Tutoring, you watch a year’s progress and notice season changes. The tutor gives his annual reflection about the start of spring.

In my post back on January 26, 2015, I define the first day of spring as the first day of the year that’s sunny with positive double-digit temperature. Here, for 2018, that was yesterday, February 5.

Over the years I’ve watched the season’s arrival and how it affects people. I’d argue that the coming of spring matters particularly to kids, for a few reasons:

  1. Kids have to get to and from school, and most can’t yet drive. While many get rides, not all do.
  2. Kids typically escape home by meeting their friends outside, weather permitting.
  3. At school, during breaks, time outside can be very important.
  4. Kids in PE often must do runs, etc, outside, regardless of weather, so they notice when the weather turns pleasant.

Last night, driving to judo, one of my sons pointed out the lingering daylight; a few weeks back we drove to the club in nighttime darkness. The road was dry, and people were out walking: spring is in the air.

I have yard work that’s backed up from winter, but won’t get to it just yet….

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