Month: January 2013

Quadratic Functions: Finding the Vertex from Vertex Form

Tutoring math 11 – which is needed for nursing, among other careers – you’ll need to explain how to identify the vertex of a quadratic function. Vertex form is designed to easily yield the vertex of a quadratic function.  A quadratic function of

Equation Solving: the legendary “cross-multiplying” method

As a math tutor, you’re bound to teach this quick method for solving proportions. When you encounter what do you do? Well, the easiest approach is probably what many call “cross multiplying”. I learned it in grade 7. Cross multiplying

Literary Terms: What is a Foil?

Tutoring English at the college level, you might be asked to explain the term foil. There are hundreds of literary terms.  Most of them you never hear in everyday conversation, while many others are seldom used.  In the hallways of

Why January can be the hardest month – and how to handle it

Tutoring, you notice which months are tough on students.  There are also your own recollections…. This year, Christmas came a few days after the public school students left for holidays.  As a result, their days off stretched longer at the back

English: Your old friends who and whom

Tutoring English, you’re bound to be asked when to use who vs when to use whom. “Whom do you love?”  asked George Thorogood.  Actually, I think he asked “Who do you love?”  However, he should have used whom. Whom is

Blood Sugar Control: The Pancreas, Insulin and Glucagon

Tutoring Biology 12, you talk about the hormones insulin and glucagon, which are used to control blood sugar. Insulin is much more widely spoken of than glucagon, but in fact they are opposite sides of the blood sugar equation.  Your body

Biology: functions of water in the human body

Tutoring biology 12, the six (or so) functions of water in the human body comprise an early theme. Everyone knows water is important in the human body, but what are the precise reasons? 1.  Water is liquid at body temperature.  This