Month: February 2013

Math: Simple Interest and Compound Interest

Financial math gets more coverage in high school now.  As a math tutor, you need to explain the difference between simple and compound interest. To discuss either type of interest, we need to define some variables: A=the end amount:  the

Math: Trigonometry: The Tangent Ratio

As a math tutor, you explain the tangent ratio a few times a year. Trigonometry involves finding unknown sides and angles of triangles.  At first, it only involves “right” triangles – that is, ones that contain a 90º angle. At

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Biology: Arteries vs Veins

When you tutor Biology 12, you cover the circulatory system. Pretty much everyone knows arteries and veins are different.  However, we’ll focus on their similarities first: 1)  They both contain a reinforcing layer of smooth muscle. 2)  For both veins

Biology: Your friend bile

Tutoring Biology 12, you cover human digestion – which mentions bile. Bile is an oft-referred-to secretion:  in literature, it’s related to anger.  Specifically, if someone’s “bile is up”, they’re in a bad mood.  I don’t understand the association, but there

Biology: Carbohydrates

When you tutor Biology 12, which is needed for nursing, you need to define sugars and carbohydrates. Put simply, a carbohydrate is a compound consisting only of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.  The ratio between the three is roughly 1:2:1.  “Hydrate”

Punctuation: Everyday use of the Colon

When you tutor English, punctuation is a constant concern.  Appropriate use of the colon can add a nice touch to a writing assignment. My wife has been questioning my use of colons for months now:  “Don’t you need to follow