Month: June 2013

Math: More about logs

Understanding logs is critical to anyone who needs to pass math 12 precalculus.  Your tutor will give you a new point of view about them. Imagine you have this equation: 3^x=46 The solution is x=log46/log3 Now let’s evaluate the decimal using

English: Punctuation with Quotation Marks

As term-end essays soon come due, your English tutor mentions a couple of finer details…. When quotation marks enclose speech, you put the comma or period inside: “Call them back,” he requested. “I’ll never make that mistake again.” You also

English: Using conjunctive adverbs

When you tutor English, conjunctive adverbs come up – especially around due dates for important English compositions. Following a semicolon, a conjunctive adverb can be used.  It leads to an attractive construction that can elevate your essay. Their best pitcher

English: Using they or their with a singular pronoun?

She-or-he and her-or-his are clumsy constructions.  Can you escape them?  The English tutor has looked it up to be sure…. Most writers face the situation commonly: Leaving the shelter of the train, everyone put on ______ hat. “Everyone” is, of course,