Month: July 2013

Math: solving percents with cross-multiplication

As a math tutor, you encounter this topic often – especially with students in vocational training. Many ways exist to tackle percents.  However, the advantage of the cross multiplication method is its usefulness in virtually any situation involving them. If

French: practical hints for typing accents

When you tutor French, a student might ask how to produce the accents on an English keyboard.  Here are a couple of options: On a Microsoft product, every French accent has its own Alt+(4 digit code).  For instance, this ç

Math: What is a “perfect number?”

While enjoying this surprisingly fine summer, the math tutor recalls a definition. When I was a kid, I read in one of my math texts (it might have been grade six) that a “perfect number” is one whose factors (except itself, of

Math: What is a Radian?

When you tutor math, you explain radians every semester to your grade 12 students. Most people begin measuring angles in degrees.  However, you can also measure an angle in radians.  1 rad≈57.3°. While degrees come from (I am told) Babylonia,

Practical math: Some easy conversions from metric to imperial

As a math tutor, you realize that conversions from metric to imperial are part of the grade 10 curriculum.  Let’s talk about a few that don’t need a calculator. Even though the (Canadian) high school student grows up in a