Month: October 2013

Statistics: standard deviation with the Casio fx-260Solar

Tutoring Math Foundations 11, standard deviation is front and centre right now.  The tutor continues explaining the standard deviation function on various scientific calculators. Like the Sharp EL-520W, the Casio fx-260Solar requires you to set the mode to use its

Statistics: Calculating the standard deviation using the Sharp EL-520W

Tutoring math, you get asked about statistics.  The tutor offers an article which might be of interest to stats students. Calculating standard deviation by hand can be laborious.  Keeping track of what you’ve entered, making sure the brackets have been

Math: adding mixed numerals, part II

Tutoring math, you meet adults upgrading for new careers.  The tutor continues with this topic, which is common on entrance tests. If you saw my last post, you’ll recall my talk about adding mixed numerals. We covered the more difficult

Math: mixed numerals and improper fractions

Tutoring middle school math, you encounter mixed numerals. The tutor shows a way to add them. An example of a mixed numeral is 23⁄4. There is a whole number part and a fraction part. Notice that the whole number part

Math: mixture problems in one variable

Tutoring math, this method comes up. The two variable method is more popular, but I’ve always preferred this one. The tutor offers it “for your entertainment.” Mixture problems are common in high school math. Example: A grocer has two nut

Math: factoring decimal trinomials

Tutoring math, I’ve encountered this novelty the last few years.  The tutor suggests one way to see it. Consider the following: Factor x2 + 6.7x – 2.1 An interesting problem. As mentioned here, your normal strategy for factoring an easy

Biology: physical vs chemical digestion

Tutoring biology 12, you cover most of the human systems, including the digestive.  The tutor comments on a distinction that doesn’t come up in everyday life, but is relevant to biology 12. People commonly know that digestion means the breaking

Math: perfect cubes and cube roots

Tutoring math, you notice that while square roots are familiar to most people, cube roots are less comfortable for many.  The math tutor offers some clarification…. A perfect square is a number like 25 or 49 that you can arrive

Math: the Cartesian Plane

Tutoring math, you know that everyone needs to learn this.  The math tutor provides an introduction. Most people are familiar with the idea of a two dimensional grid.  You can indicate specific locations (points) on the grid by saying how

English: alliteration and consonance

Tutoring English, you deal with literary terms.  The English tutor comments on the oft-mentioned alliteration as well as the less commonly known consonance. Most people know that alliteration is the repetition of an initial consonant sound over several words:  hairy,