Month: November 2013

Cell Biology: Containment: vesicles, vacuoles, and lysosomes

Tutoring biology, the cell is fundamental.  Heading towards another weekend Biology 12 workshop, the biology tutor recalls Bruce Willis’s advice in Last Boy Scout: “Be prepared.” A cell, like anyone, needs storage.  More than that, it needs storage for different purposes.

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Biology: What is an enzyme?

Tutoring Biology 12, you mention enzymes often.  The biology tutor defines the term enzyme, having used it in previous posts. Recalling elementary school, your teacher likely led holiday crafting.  For example, she might have handed out pages with snowmen traced

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English: punctuation: the dash

Tutoring English, you get asked how to make writing more interesting. The English tutor offers a way to add variety to your sentences:  occasional use of the dash. The dash is not the most commonly used punctuation mark; however, some

Math: break-even point

Tutoring math, you realize that to most people, math’s main importance is its applications.  The tutor presents a business example. Any small business owner knows the break-even point is when you’ve paid your expenses, but haven’t “made” any money.  At

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Math: solving exponential equations with logs

Tutoring math, your grade 12 students ask about logs.  The math tutor continues the discussion from last post, showing how to use logs to solve an exponential equation. In my previous post, I showed how you might solve an exponential

Math: solving exponential equations

Tutoring math, you might be asked about these by your grade 12 precalculus students.  The math tutor opens the discussion…. There are two types of exponential equations:  those that don’t need logs to be solved, and those that do.  We’ll

English: conjunctions: “ands, ifs, or buts”

Tutoring English or any subject, you recall your own school memories.  The English tutor brings forward the “ands, ifs, or buts” phrase, hoping to breathe in new life…. How many of you remember the teacher’s warning:  “I want this done

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Math: a word problem in two variables using substitution

Tutoring math, you notice practical problems that can be entertaining.  The math tutor presents one, highlighting the substitution method. Example:  You have some oranges and a box.  When you weigh the box with three oranges in it, the mass is

Physics: calculating the normal force on a slope

Tutoring physics, you cover this every year.  The tutor offers a quick guide. The normal force (FN) refers to the gravitational force perpendicular to the surface an object sits on. If the object sits on a level surface, the normal

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Statistics: Standard deviation on the TI-30XA

Tutoring math or statistics, you need to be familiar with various common scientific calculators. The math tutor continues the standard deviation series with a look at how to do it on Texas Instruments’ TI-30XA. Unlike the Sharp EL-520W or the

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