Month: December 2013

Biology: FSH and LH in the female system

When you tutor Biology 12, you need to explain the roles of FSH and LH.  Here they are in the female. In my previous post I mentioned that in both sexes, the hypothalamus manages reproductive function by controlling the pituitary’s

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Biology: LH and FSH in males, incl. negative feedback

Tutoring Biology 12, you cover LH and FSH.  Today, the biology tutor introduces them with reference to the male; the female will be next time. FSH stands for follicle stimulating hormone.  To my knowledge, males don’t even have follicles; females

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Math: Partial Factoring

Tutoring math, you notice a new technique now and then.  The math tutor shares one he recently heard about. I first heard of partial factoring over ten years ago.  Two students were discussing it. Since neither asked me about it,

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Math: Algebra: clearing fractions in equations

Tutoring math, you realize the importance of this technique.  The math tutor introduces it as an essential skill for those learning algebra. Most people are fairly comfortable with solving an equation such as 2x -11 = 7x + 19 By

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Chemistry: naming inorganic acids

Tutoring chemistry, you encounter acids.  The chemistry tutor shares some observations about how to name them. New students to the acid-and-base topic hear names like hydrochloric acid, nitric acid, and sulphurous acid.  Recently I was asked why some are hydro-,

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Math: Divisibility by 11

Tutoring math, you realize that arithmetic is the foundation.  The math tutor brings forward a quick method for determining divisibility by 11, with a couple of applications. Consider the following problem: Reduce 55/528 to lowest terms. Of course, the key

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Math: completing the square

Tutoring high school math, this is a celebrated topic.  It even gets revisited at various levels of calculus. The math tutor introduces it, having just come in from shoveling the drive…. One of many situations in which you might need

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Math: Factoring Complex Trinomials

Tutoring math, you visit this topic with your grade 10 & 11 students.  The math tutor shows one method. A complex trinomial is of the form ax2 + bx + c, where a≠0,1.  An example is 2×2 -3x -35. How

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Calculator Use: Scientific Notation on the Sharp EL-520W

Tutoring physics or chemistry, solutions to problems are often given in scientific notation.  The tutor asks, “Is your calculator set conveniently?” Let’s imagine you have a physics problem whose solution is given by the following calculation: v = √(1.55×10-9) Of

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