Month: February 2014

Math: how to graph a line

When you tutor math, you know that everyone from grade 9 up needs to know this. Suppose you need to graph 2x – 7y = 21. There are two basic methods: the slope-y intercept method, and the intercepts method. Today,

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Math: decimals to fractions

Tutoring middle school math, you get asked how to convert decimals to fractions.  The math tutor tells some obvious – and some less obvious – methods. Converting a terminating decimal (one that ends) to a fraction is easy: Step 1) 

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Biology: Three kinds of respiration

Tutoring Biology 12, you cover the cardiovascular system.  The biology tutor discusses the gas exchange aspect. People commonly associate respiration with breathing.  However, from a biology point of view, the meanings are different.  Breathing is the physical process of bringing

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Math: Radians, Part II

Tutoring math, you deal with degree-to-radian conversions.  The math tutor continues on the topic of radians, picking up where he left off last July.   To know what a radian is, see my post here. In math 12, radians –

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Math: Constant Calculations on the TI-30XA

Tutoring math, you handle all kinds of calculators.  The math tutor continues with constant calculations:  this time, we hear Texas Instruments’ side of the story. The TI-30XA is extremely similar to the calculator I used in high school twenty five

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Math: Using constants on the Casio fx-260Solar

Tutoring math, calculator use is perennial.  The math tutor introduces a nifty trick for the Casio fx-260Solar. In physics, you often have a constant in a formula.  An obvious example is F=mg, where g=9.8m/s^2 High school physics students use the

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Urine Regulation: Aldosterone

Tutoring Biology 12, you realize that with most organ systems, the hormonal control is the most difficult to retain.  The Biology tutor continues about urine regulation with this discussion of aldosterone. Of course, urine is produced by the kidneys.  If

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Urine regulation: ADH

Tutoring biology 12, you cover kidney function.  The biology tutor introduces ADH, which is a hormone used to regulate urine volume. For explanation of how a kidney works, see my post here. Today, we focus on the fine tuning of

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