Month: April 2014

English: in conflict, or in concert?

Tutoring English, you constantly need ideas on how to increase sentence variety. The English tutor discusses another possible variation…. In past English posts, I’ve referred to subordinating conjunctions, the complex sentence, and various other points of interest for those wanting

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Calculator features: built-in constants on the SHARP EL-520W

Tutoring physics or chemistry, you remember your attachment to your calculator as you pursued those subjects.  The tutor observes a feature of great convenience on the SHARP EL-520W. In high school physics, you might be posed the following question: How

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Organic Chemistry: naming alcohols

At university, the tutor encountered the world of organic chemistry – as many of you have or will.  Although it comes up rarely in high school tutoring, a basis is beneficial before you face it at post-secondary level. If you

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Math: simplifying cube roots

Tutoring high school math, cube roots come up a few times a year. The math tutor opens the discussion on simplifying them. By way of introduction, you might want to read my short article here on perfect cubes and cube

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Math: multiplying with algebra tiles

The tutor continues with algebra tiles. Tutoring math, you see them especially in grades 9 or 10. I began discussing algebra tiles here. Recall that they are meant to model numbers, variables, and operations you can perform to them. Recalling

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Math: adding and subtracting radicals

Tutoring high school math, radicals are prominent.  The math tutor introduces addition and subtraction of them. Adding radicals is much like adding variables. Note that x=1x; the 1 is understood to be there, but never written. Similarly, √3=1√3. Therefore, 2√5

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Organic Chemistry: Simplified drawings

When you tutor high school chemistry, you cover a little organic chemistry. Today we visit a topic that rarely gets asked about during tutoring, but is very useful to know at the college level.   In my previous post on

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Math: algebra tiles

Tutoring math, you might explain algebra tiles a few times a year.  The math tutor introduces them.   If algebra tiles existed when I was in school, I never saw them. Everything back then was symbolic, and teaching didn’t have

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English: subordinating conjunctions: while

Tutoring English, a constant question is how to keep writing fresh.  The English tutor discusses his recent satisfaction with the word while…. Continuing, generally, the discussion about complex sentences that began with my last post, I’d like to tell you

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English: the complex sentence

Tutoring high school English, sentence variety is a constant concern.  It’s the same situation for college students and writers.  The English tutor shares one commonly known – and appreciated – type of sentence. Definitely, one preferred structure in high school

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