Month: June 2014

PERL: the end of the first rainbow (for Windows users)

Summer tutoring continues.  Today, the tutor hopes, we get word back from PERL. In the previous article I brought the Linux and (hopefully) Mac users on board with creating a text file, then finding it in the terminal. Earlier, I

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Perl programming: using the terminal in Linux (or Mac?)

Pursuing summer tutoring, we have embarked upon the PERL programming journey.  The tutor continues it:  soon, there might be no turning back. In my previous article, I described how you might, in Windows, create a text file, save it, then

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Programming with PERL: the terminal, continued

A summer tutoring project is under way; the tutor continues with its next installment. As I mentioned in my previous article, developing familiarity with the terminal is key to running a PERL program. What the user really need be able

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Summer programming (with PERL): next step: the terminal

Tutoring through the summer, you tend to land in projects.  The tutor brings the PERL project to another early milestone. In my previous post, I talked practically about what you need to get started with PERL, should you choose to

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Summer programming: a little PERL

Tutoring over the summer?  Why not.  During the holidays, this tutor won’t necessarily work you too hard….   Back in March (see here and here), I opened the topic of programming with the language PERL. Today I’ll “start at the

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Math: Simplifying a radical (aka root) expression

For this math tutor, the end-of-semester rush is about to end. Tutoring for exam prep, you tend to return to those “messy” problems students would rather avoid…. Radical expressions are among the most difficult topics in high school math. Let’s

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Math: decimals for single digits over 11

For this math tutor, the busy exam season is winding down.  Now tutoring shifts to summer maintenance, adults in night courses, and general interest…. We all know that 6/11 is a decimal. Being a fraction of two integers, it must

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English: paradox vs oxymoron

Tutoring English 12, both these terms come up.  As an academic who loves ideas, the tutor offers his explanation of each. Paradox and oxymoron are literary devices.  Identifying them can be worth marks on the English 12 government exam.  So,

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Math: a difficult factoring problem

Heading towards exams, tutoring returns to factoring and other challenging topics. The math tutor shows how to solve a factoring problem that, at high school level, might be difficult. Suppose you are faced with the following problem: Solve -6×5+46×3+72x=0 This

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English: preposition at the end of a sentence?

Tutoring English, you can’t avoid this issue forever.  The English tutor weighs in. In old times, there was a rule against finishing a sentence with a preposition. Thus, “Who(m) did you say that to?” was gauche.  Was it wrong, or

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