Month: July 2014

Electricity vs gas, part II: energy cost

When you tutor math, the world brings an endless bounty of numerical comparisons. This specific one has not arisen during tutoring; yet, it might be the kind of summer distraction  a reader seeks. Whether you are buying gasoline, or diesel, or

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Auto comparison, initiation: electric vs gas

Tutoring math, you might be asked just about anything to do with numbers.  Here’s a comparison the tutor thinks might interest even the most casual visitor…. My automobile has just matured past its warranty. Though there’s seemingly nothing wrong with

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More unit conversions: engine volume

Tutoring high school math, unit conversions are often visited.  The math tutor discusses the conversion of engine displacements.   Back when I was a kid, I had a 50cc (cc:cubic centimetre, also written as cm3) minibike. My friends soon got

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Unit conversion: horsepower to kilowatts

Tutoring high school maths and sciences, unit conversions  are prevalent.  The math tutor offers an example of converting between common units. Hello: hope your summer is going great. As I’ve implied over the previous few weeks, my activities have shifted

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Fitness and weight loss: exercise, part II

While tutoring slows down in the summer,  the focus shifts.  Though not an exercise expert, the tutor continues with some of his ideas about it. Connecting with my last post: I was discussing exercises I’ve gravitated towards, or moved away

Fitness and weight loss: exercise

What does a tutor do over the summer?  Tutoring continues, but at a relaxed pace.  In the breathing space, the tutor pursues various topics of interest…. Given our culture’s focus on being slender and youthful, combined with the threat of

PERL: variables (or should we say $variables)?

When you tutor computer programming, you must explain the use of variables.  Such is the next step of our PERL summer project. To a computer, a value needs a name.  Computers (at this level) aren’t capable of changing context the

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PERL programming: the “shebang” line

Tutoring PERL beginnings, the details can be so important.  While the tutor now focuses to the Linux/Mac side, Windows users might do well to tune in. Over my last few posts I’ve been discussing how to get started with PERL

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Summer PERL programming: running first script for Linux & Mac users

In the context of tutoring, a lazy summer day might mean academic pursuits at a relaxed pace.  The tutor acknowledges the need to bring Linux and Mac users equal with Windows users:  in this installment, he offers instructions for Linux

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