Month: August 2014

English: compound words

From essay writing, one learns to define one’s own terms.  During the weekend before regular tutoring recommences, the tutor discusses a topic his own children have been exploring. My (smart aleck) son recently told me, “Dad, important is a compound

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Humidex: a Canadian invention

The tutor enjoys discussing scientific concepts, particularly ones with a Canadian dimension. The humidex provides a meaningful measure of a day’s heat. By considering dew point and temperature together, it provides an “effective temperature” that suggests the comfort level of

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Social Studies: How Upper Canada became Ontario

The tutor spends most of his time on math and science.  This particular question has never been asked during tutoring; rather, it comes from personal curiosity. While I’ve long known that Upper Canada is now Ontario, while Lower Canada is

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Random numbers, continued

Tutoring math, computer science might always be around the corner.  The tutor continues the discussion of random numbers, including a “live” example. As I mentioned in my previous post, random numbers comprise a favourite topic among computer science people. At

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Perl programming: random numbers

Tutoring math, you realize that some of your students will move on to computer science at university.  The tutor brings up a time-honoured favourite among comp-sci people:  random number generation. Every computer programming language I know of has a random

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Ecology: environmental energy

Out for a walk in the woods recently, the tutor couldn’t help but arrive at this topic.  Like so many others, it’s relevant, yet rarely covered during tutoring…. On a hot day like we’ve had here lately, a hiker might

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Perl programming: the user input array

The tutor notices that, given it’s Aug 14, we need a little progress in our summer project of Perl programming.  This rarely comes up in tutoring, but it’s a labour of love….   Back on June 22, I broached the

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Driving: fuel consumption

Progressing through summer, the tutor recalls these issues he’s always loved discussing.  During tutoring, he rarely gets to….   One source of fascination, for some drivers (and MOST people in the transport business), is how fuel consumption increases with speed.

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Energy consumption: usage of a few common devices

Continuing our summer articles about lifestyle and general interest, the tutor discusses the power usage of a few devices in the home.  While these matters seldom come up during tutoring, it might be surprising more people don’t ask…. If you

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Computer Science: what is an array?

Returning to computer science, we continue our summer tutoring project surrounding PERL programming.  The tutor introduces the concept of an array – first, from a generic viewpoint. Every computer programming language I know of uses the concept of an array.

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