Month: October 2014

Financial math: equivalent annual rate

Tutoring financial math, this is an important concept.  The tutor introduces it. Back in my September 18 post, I discussed the general case of compound interest. Now we turn to the question: how do we compare 3% interest compounded annually

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Math: the pigeonhole principle: another example

Tutoring high school math, the pigeonhole principle might not come up very often.  Because of its applications to everyday life, the tutor often thinks of it. Back in my May 23 post, I introduced the pigeonhole prinicple. I pointed out

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Chemistry: stoichiometry

Tutoring chemistry, you field questions from stoichiometry.  The tutor starts with a simple example. Back in my September 15 article, I opened the topic of what a mole means in chemistry. Specifically I pointed out that a mole is the

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As a tutor, you’re interested in the holidays and events that are relevant to your students.  An issue that hangs in the air at this time of year is the fascination about Halloween. I’ve always loved Halloween. When I was

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Calculator usage: Random numbers with the Sharp EL-520W

Tutoring math, you spend lots of time with calculators.  The tutor noticed a function the other day that’s convenient and fun. My high school math students love the Sharp EL-520W – or its newer counterpart, which might be the EL-531.

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Financial math, continued: calculation of mortgage payment using the TI BA-35 financial calculator

Tutoring math, you’re often asked, “Will I ever use this in life?”  About this particular topic, the math tutor responds, “I hope so.” Back in my October 16 post on mortgage payments, I opened the topic with the use of

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Financial math: negative signs with the TI-83 Plus TVM solver

Tutoring math, the uptick in interest about financial math doesn’t go unnoticed.  The tutor responds. The TI-83 Plus, aka the graphing calculator, has a time value of money solver.  When you press APPS, then select FINANCE, it’s the first choice

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Math: memory calculations on the Sharp EL-520W

Tutoring math, you want to optimize your students’ calculator usage.  The tutor recalls his own use of the calculator memory back in high school; it was indispensable then. Let’s imagine you’re facing the following situation: (3√(25+√14)^2 + (sin(0.27) +2)^3 –

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Financial math: mortgage payments

The tutor notices that financial math is more prominent in high school than it was twenty years ago.   Probably the change is good; let’s embrace it with a first look at mortgage payments. This topic comes up annually in tutoring.

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Math: a sales tax problem feat. the “let statement”

Tutoring math, you know sales tax problems to be part of the elementary school repertoire.  The tutor brings forward a more subtle one that’s probably grade 10 or 11 level. Sales tax problems were calculated by hand when I was

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