Month: December 2014

Literary terms: what is a lipogram?

Being a tutor, I’m an academic by nature.  I found the definition of lipogram in my literary terms guide…. Well, New Years Eve is here.  Some people’s holiday displays are off, saying even Yule season is over. Of course, one

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Calculator usage: The Sharp EL-520W Equation Solver

Tutoring math, I continue to discover new functions on calculators.  The tutor gives a brief introduction to the Sharp EL-520W equation solver.   Let’s imagine you need to solve the equation 5×2 – x – 6 = 0 The roots

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Biology: oxygen and carbon dioxide transfer through the blood

Tutoring biology 12, you cover the circulatory system.  The tutor mentions a specific issue about it. The number one reason for the circulatory system is transport of oxygen to the cells and carbon dioxide away from them.  This is done

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Power Plant efficiency: heat rates

A tutor, or anyone else, might be interested in power plant efficiency.  Here’s a handy starting place for anyone facing the question.   In my continuing quest of information about energy, I’ve found numbers about power plant efficiency. Once again,

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Minerals: what is corundum? Rubies in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia

Tutoring science, one might expect questions like these more often. The tutor seeks the answer to another childhood curiosity…. I remember seeing Mohs’ hardness scale when I was a kid. On it, quartz is 7, corundum 9, and diamond 10.

Perl: decimal formatting using printf and sprintf

Tutoring math, a likely destination of some of your students is computer science. The tutor continues coverage of the Perl language, which seems flush with simple solutions to programming problems….   In yesterday’s post, which was about Perl subroutines, I

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Perl: subroutines

The tutor continues about programming with Perl.  Tutoring computer science, subroutines have both theoretical and practical importance.   Back in my November 14 post I opened up the discussion on subroutines. In computer science, a subroutine is a self-contained body

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US compared to Eurozone: some initial figures, 2014 – 2016

Since 2008, the tutor has listened for economic news.  While it doesn’t often arise in tutoring, economic performance is important across to the board. In 2008, the US gross public debt, which I’d just call “government debt”, was around 64.8%

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Statistics: standard deviation comparison: formal vs range/6

Following up from the previous post, the tutor tries out the standard deviation estimator range/6.  Standard deviation is a common topic during high school math tutoring. Imagine the following results from a fictional midterm: 56, 42, 71, 66, 45, 81,

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Statistics: an easy estimate of the standard deviation

Tutoring statistics, I’m happy to add this method to my repertoire.  The tutor brings forth a shortcut for finding the standard deviation. According to my source listed below, the standard deviation (σ) can be estimated as follows: σ=range/6 The range

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