Month: February 2015

Scientific notation: toggling back and forth on the TI-30XA

In high school, the tutor had a calculator much like the TI-30XA. For scientific notation, there’s probably none better. What some people call the “normal” way to write a number, is also known as “float”. So 1.35×10-3 is 0.00135 in

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Chemistry: what is enthalpy?

The tutor introduces a topic that academic chemists love.  Enthalpy appears in high school chemistry. The definition of enthalpy, H, is H=Eint+PV where Eint is the internal energy content of the product, while PV is work done by volume increasing

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Bullying: the ubiquitous menace

The tutor weighs in on bullying. This morning I was told it’s pink shirt day.  Since I’m known for wearing pink anyway, my wife pointed out that I should wear it today.  I built an outfit around a hot pink

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English: verbs: finite vs non-finite

The tutor was never taught these terms in school.  However, what if someone asks about them…? You could be a great writer without knowing the terms finite verb and non-finite verb. Yet, books sit on shelves, waiting to explain these

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Lifestyle: the first weekend of yard work, 2015

The tutor discusses his commencement of yard work in 2015. I hear that, on the eastern half of the continent, winter has been tough.  People have shown me pictures from the States, I think, of snow drifts as high as

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Windows: a little batch programming towards a friendly greeting

The tutor has wanted to place a greeting at the top of the Windows terminal (aka command prompt screen).  Now you can too. I heard about batch files – and saw files with the .bat extension – in the late

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Financial math: interest rate conversions on the HP-10B

A lifetime ago, the tutor studied financial planning.  That’s when he got acquainted with the HP-10B. Of the financial calculators I know, the Hewlett-Packard HP-10B is potentially the easiest to use. One feature of particular value to anyone in financial

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English: equivocation: a logical fallacy

What might a tutor read casually?  Here’s the latest. Although I have a degree in math, I’ve been told that “logic” and math are different. Logic, it seems, is more often claimed by English and philosophy students.  So be it.

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Programming: what is event programming?

In this post, the tutor speaks from experience, rather than formal education. Event programming (aka, event-driven programming), as I understand, focuses on designing interfaces that react to user input. What happens when the user clicks a button? What happens when

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Perl: alphabetizing a list of command line arguments

The tutor returns to the perl sort function. Back in my post on November 27 I introduced a perl program that finds the median of a list of numbers. It depends on perl’s built-in sort function to put the numbers

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