Month: March 2015

Java number formatting: Locale

The tutor continues about number formatting with Java. We don’t live in countries any more; rather,  we live in the world.  Right now, for instance, my family is off in the US.  I’m not with them; I stayed home to

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Java: decimal formatting, continued

The tutor continues with the potentially tricky topic of Java decimal formatting.   With yesterday’s post I broke the ice about Java DecimalFormat with a short demonstration program. Now, some key points of explanation: The format descriptor string “#,###.00” means

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Java: formatting decimal numbers, part 0

We’re getting into a serious topic. The tutor rolls up his sleeves. In math, formatting rarely matters.  If the correct answer is 0.012, you can answer as 1.2e-2, 3/250, or 0.01200. Most computer environments, like most calculators, give an “unformatted”

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chmod: Setting a file read-only in Linux

The tutor uses Linux and Windows both, so he tries to cover them equally.   In yesterday’s post I explained a way to set a file read-only in Windows. Today, I do so for a Linux system. Linux has many

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How to make files read-only in Windows

The tutor continues his discussion of read-only files. In yesterday’s post I opened the discussion about read-only files – specifically, why one might want to use them. Suppose one did want to use them. How would they go about doing

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Academic habits: using read-only files

The tutor shares a habit he recently began. Let’s imagine writing a large essay or computer program, then reaching a point of satisfaction.  You save it to disk, then contentedly go off to celebrate with a visit to a friend,

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Lifestyle: dandelion greens, part one

The tutor shares his long-standing affinity for this perennial weed. I don’t see “weeds” the same way many others do.  Land recently cleared, then left unused, tends to sprout scenic collages that fascinate me.  The widely differing colors and structures,

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Windows: my adventure backing up Windows Live Mail messages

The tutor relates some highlights that transpired as he recently backed up the email. I’m no expert on Windows, but I have to maintain it in our home.  Of course, that means making back-ups of important records – including email

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Lifestyle: spring and yard work

The tutor switches gears to discuss signs and consequences of spring. As of last Friday, it’s officially spring. Back in my post on January 26, I acknowledged that spring may not come simultaneously to all Canadians. If it hasn’t reached

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