Month: April 2015

Computer science: cloud computing

The tutor shares some insight into cloud computing. Here at Oracle Tutoring, Campbell River, BC, our IT department has a staff of one and manages 5 pcs, the newest of which is from last summer (it was a discontinued model

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Internet research: the tutor comments

The tutor opens a discussion of research in today’s context. Nowadays, virtually everyone counts on the internet not just for entertainment, but for important information.  Travelers likely use it to access ferry schedules, highway routes, and weather forecasts.  DIYers might

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Math: order of operations (BEDMAS): a common pitfall

The tutor points out a common error in evaluating expressions. Most students, from grade 7 on, are familiar with the order of operations BEDMAS (first brackets, then exponents, then division, next multiplication, then addition, finally subtraction). However, sometimes the order

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Organic chemistry: cis and trans

The tutor gives a simple explanation of why trans fat may be disadvantageous. Cis and trans compounds have the same chemical formula but are shaped differently. With both cis and trans, a row of atoms experiences two irregularities. The cis

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Driving: speed and fuel consumption

Having returned from a long day trip, the tutor shares some reflections about driving. I’m not much of a driver, yet sometimes I have to be. Yesterday my son had a dance competition in Victoria, which I’d say is about

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Math: rational expressions: non-permissible values

The tutor explains the idea behind non-permissible values. In high school math, non-permissible values become important. Yet, they root back to elementary school: “You can’t divide by zero,” uttered in metallic timbre, is recalled by many from then. A rational

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Linear algebra: Matrix multiplication

The tutor demonstrates the technique of multiplying matrices. To go further with Markov chains (introduced in my previous post), the reader needs to understand matrix multiplication. To many, the method is surprising at first. Example: Consider the matrices A and

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Probability: Markov chains: introduction

The tutor is happy to introduce the elegant topic of Markov chains. A Markov chain is a sequence of states through which a probability system can pass. It’s not so complex as it sounds. Consider the following example: Ms A

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Javascript: Regex part II

The tutor continues about regex in the context of Javascript. In yesterday’s post I brought up regular expressions with an interactive example. Today, some more depth: Let’s imagine an input string that means an amount of money. Likely, the amount

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Javascript: regular expressions

The tutor introduces Javascript regex. Regex, aka regular expressions, is a programming concept. One regex function searches input for a given pattern, then reports presence or absence. Another, upon finding the pattern, might change it among the rest of the

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