Month: May 2015

Web graphics: VML, part II: a textpath demo

Textpath is a nice effect from VML. Below is a link to a demo. Text written along a shape can be appealing. VML (see my last two posts, here and here) includes a way to do it: textpath. Here’s the

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Web graphics: VML, part 1

The tutor continues about Microsoft’s VML with a demo. To view the VML effect at the linked file below, you need to use an Internet Explorer browser. Last post I opened the topic of VML. Today, I’ll offer a link

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Web Graphics: vector markup language (VML), part 0

The tutor shares one of his favourite topics:  vector markup language. I started web design back in ’09.  I don’t have any training; it was just “look up and learn”.  Though not the quickest way to do so, I made

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Coffee: a tutor’s reflections, part 0

The tutor discusses coffee, a cornerstone of the academic lifestyle. In high school, I drank 8 cups of coffee a day. (I’m 6′ anyway; any taller and clothes might not be so easy to find.) My doctor told me, at

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Canadian Law: limitations(?)

The tutor watches American soap operas, whence he sometimes hears “statute of limitations.” Is there a similar construct in Canada? I watch Days of Our Lives. Kristen Dimera, freshly back in Salem a few years ago, explained that though she

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Standard deviation: a forestry example

The tutor offers a case study in statistics. Around here, forestry might be the leading industry.  Of course, I hardly ever see evidence of it; up in the hills is where the work is done. As I understand, one angle

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Web programming: sound

The tutor discusses his recent discovery of putting sound on a web page. When I program, it’s usually something new – testing a new function, illustrating the implementation of a new idea, or what have you. The point: often, I

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Fibre: soluble, insoluble?

The tutor has wondered about fibre ever since he heard about soluble fibre. Back in the early 90s, when I was in university so cut off from day-to-day culture (no TV, no money, no time), a few snippets still did

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Linux: terminal: the cat command

The tutor continues coverage of the Linux terminal, this time discussing the cat command. Terminal commands are old news to many, but I find them very useful.  Possibly because this laptop is ten or more years old, it can take

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Linux: terminal: listing subdirectories (directories) only

The tutor shares a nice tip that he finds very helpful:  listing the subdirectories only with the ls command. I write a lot of little programs to test built-in functions or show examples of their use.  Of course, as they

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