Month: November 2015

Out in the backyard: the tutor reflects

The tutor comments on another Sunday afternoon out in the backyard. We’ve been in a cold snap lately, with temperatures dropping -5°C to -8°C since perhaps last Monday. This afternoon I thought I’d get outside, breathe some fresh air, work

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Perl: some explanation of yesterday’s command-line cube root program

The tutor offers a few points of clarification. In yesterday’s post I showed a Perl program, called from the command line with the input value, to find the cube root of a number. Here are some points to help a

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Perl: a command-line cube root program

The tutor shows an example program with a few facets to discuss. So far as I know, to find the cube root in Perl, you need use the principle The following program calculates the cube root of a number given

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Calculator usage: Sharp EL-520W: multiplication in the denominator

The tutor shares a recent discovery. Imagine you want to calculate 8/2×4 The answer should be 1, of course: in a fraction, there are unwritten brackets around the numerator and around the denominator. Unless you have a calculator that accepts

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English: Reading: Short Horror: H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Tomb”

The tutor shares some thoughts about Lovecraft’s short story “The Tomb.” “The Tomb” is classic Lovecraft. First, it centres on an abandoned location connected with former greatness. Second, its narrator develops a connection to the supernatural world. Finally, the narrator’s

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Algebra: solving when x is on the bottom

The tutor covers a day-to-day issue in high school algebra. Consider the following problem: 14=5/(3x) Solution: First, multiply both sides by 3x: 3x(14)=(3x)*5/(3x) The right side is now both divided and multiplied by 3x, so they cancel there: 3x(14)=5 On

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Perl: regular expression explanation

The tutor follows up on his post about the variable password checker. In my Nov 18 post I show a short script that checks a three-digit entry for a match with the pattern m[any character]m. The entry m4m is a

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Biology: differences between DNA and RNA

Heading into another biology conference, the tutor offers a prelude about DNA vs RNA. DNA stands for deoxyribonucleic acid; RNA indicates ribonucleic acid. Not surprisingly, both types of molecules are classified as nucleic acids. What are they used for, and

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Perl: a password (sort of) using regular expression (regex) power

The tutor shows off some of Perl’s pattern matching (aka regex) talents. Let’s imagine you have a laptop you share with a friend for project work. They’re not million-dollar secrets you’re keeping, but on the other hand, you don’t want

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Math: more about angles in standard position and reference angles

The tutor talks more about how to find the angle in standard position from the reference angle. For my introductory post about this, see here. Let’s imagine you know the reference angle is 71°, but the actual angle is in

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