Month: December 2015

Chess: mobility: opening files?

The tutor discusses the (dis)advantage of opening files. I suffered some chess burnout earlier this holiday season, but hope I’m making a recovery. I still lose more than I win, but computers aren’t prone to error the way a human

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English: Homonyms (or homophones): peel and peal

Call them homonyms, homophones, or what you will; the tutor introduces another pair. My coverage of homonyms began with my post of August 21, 2013. Searching up homophone and/or homonym on this site reveals my love of them. Playing the

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English: plurals: -oes

The tutor visits a favourite potential hazard of English. Famously, potato and tomato require the addition of -es to make the plural: potato → potatoes tomato → tomatoes Unknown to me before today, veto and embargo follow the same pattern:

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Mobile phone apps: Nexus 4 onboard calculator: trig functions

The tutor offers a hint about using the Nexus 4 onboard calculator for sin, cos, and tan. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get acquainted with my mobile phone. Believe it or not, I’ve been lounging on the

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Math: linear diophantine equations: integer solutions to Ax+By=C

The tutor delves deeper into when integer solutions can be expected for Ax+By=C. In my dec 16 post I discussed finding integer coordinates for a linear equation in the form Ax+By=C. I pointed out that not always can integer solutions

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Winter ice: heat of fusion

As the ice melts away in the sun, the tutor entertains the heat involved. The heat of fusion is the amount of energy, per gram, that is required to melt solid to liquid without increasing its temperature. For ice, it’s

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English: what is a barnburner?

The tutor shares another term from the farming culture he grew up in. I don’t often hear the word “barnburner,” but of course I don’t live in the culture it’s probably from. Neither my Webster’s, nor my Collins, contains it,

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Statistics: Proof of V(X)=E(X²)-[E(X)]²

The tutor offers proof of a formula he recalls from Stats. In my university Stats courses, a formula referred to often was V(X)=E(X^2)-(E(X))^2 in which V(X)=population variance E(X^2)=expected value of X^2 E(X)=expected value of X Here’s how I believe one

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Chess: queening a pawn

The tutor introduces a resource to help with endgame play. Some tough games, I’ve won by queening a pawn. (I mainly play the computer, and I lose more often than I win.) Towards the end of a long, tiring game,

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Home computer use: Computer security: Bitdefender re-install

Amid a busy life and Bitdefender’s solid reliability, it wins again. Coincidentally, on this first day of Christmas break, my Bitdefender 2015 subscription finally expired. Back in my Dec 6 post, I told of plans to get out to check

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