Month: April 2016

Spreadsheets: Excel: conditional formatting

The tutor opens the discussion about how to display, automatically, a cell’s content according to its value. What if, in Excel, you want to display any value between 78 and 93 in green? Well, you can, using conditional formatting. On

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Music: decrescendo vs diminuendo

The tutor clears up an issue he’s wondered about for years. As a kid I was trained in music. Two of the first terms we learned were crescendo and diminuendo. Crescendo meant getting gradually louder, while diminuendo meant the opposite:

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Lifestyle: mobile phones: how to create a newline when texting (Android, Nexus 4)

The tutor delivers the goods about how to create vertical space in a text. I don’t text very often, but much more than before. I’m learning how to do it better. Whatever message I’m sending, be it a solution on

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Lifestyle: bird identification from field guide: white-crowned sparrow

The tutor shares another backyard identification. If a person isn’t looking closely, a white-crowned sparrow is easy to miss, even in the yard. They forage on the ground, but can seem from a distance to be dull-colored and “just another

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Lifestyle: plant identification from field guide: ribwort

The tutor shares another patient discovery. Walking home from dropping the car at my wife’s work, I’ve noticed a plant growing along the path in the field. It has long thin leaves around the bottom, then a long thin stem

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Home computer use: why 16GB might become 14.8GB from the computer’s point of view

The tutor attempts to explain a possible misunderstanding. A few days ago I posted about buying my kids each a 16GB flash drive by PNY. Today I showed my younger kid how to access it on Windows (he’s used to

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Lifestyle: plant identification: red dead-nettle

The tutor shares an identification that needed patience. Early this spring, I began noticing a plant that stood apart. Like so many other wild plants, it grows on vacant properties and path edges. However, this plant has some peculiarities: It

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Consumer electronics: the PNY flash drive

The tutor tells of a purchase he made. A few weeks back, one of my kids wanted to borrow a flash drive so he could load his project on it to take to school. We didn’t have any at our

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Lifestyle: bird identification from field guide: rufous-sided towhee

The tutor shares another backyard bird identification. Similarly with Audubon’s warbler (see my post about it here), I could only identify the rufous-sided towhee through the binoculars. I heard the call, detected flitting in a hedgerow, then raised the binoculars

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Calculus: the limit, as n tends to infinity, of nth root of n.

The tutor works a limit using the log trick and l’Hôpital’s rule. Example: Evaluate limn→∞n^(1/n) Solution: First, imagine y=limn→∞n^(1/n) Next, we take the logarithm of both sides: lny=lnlimn→∞n^(1/n) Now, because both lny and n^(1/n) are continuous n→∞, we can change

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