Month: August 2016

Lifestyle: no cream in my coffee: possible weight loss implications?

The tutor asks, “How much weight loss, theoretically, might I realize from giving up cream in my coffee?” It seems I’ve been served with a high cholesterol warning: likely, I should bring it down. With saturated fat being implicated as

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Chrome: Developer tools (view page source): ==$0

The tutor talks about ==$zer0 in Chrome’s Developer tools. Looking at a page source in Google Chrome, I saw the entry ==$0. It wasn’t manifesting on the page itself; I wondered if it was a type of HTML comment. Apparently,

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English: how to define a term

The tutor offers clarification about what a definition does. Often, in an English essay, the writer might need to define a term. From a working point of view, what does a definition do? According to Harbrace1, a definition gives similar

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Navigating the file system from the terminal (aka Command Prompt): how to enter a two-or-more word directory or file name

The tutor shares a hint he noticed recently. When I started with computers, I don’t believe you could have a folder name like this folder: as I recall, you couldn’t have a space in the name. (You could have an

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Computer science: JavaScript: null value, undefined type and value

The tutor comments on JavaScript null and undefined. Null, it seems, is often mentioned in computer science. Perhaps it’s used a little loosely: it might refer to the value read when there’s nothing there, or the value of a variable

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Botany: mast and masting

The tutor shares a couple of terms he recently learned. In a forest setting, mast can refer to food dropped from trees and bushes, such as acorns, nuts, or berries. Masting refers to the trees’ production of the mast, but

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Web design: AngularJS

The tutor introduces an advantage of AngularJS I’ve been aware of AngularJS for a while now, but today I looked into it attentively. From my point of view, one advantage of AngularJS is that it can access html directly: variables

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Oak trees: do red oaks produce acorns every year?

The tutor shares the answer to a question he’s long harboured. Generally, red oak acorns take two years to mature. Does that mean the tree drops a crop of acorns only every second year? According to Cathy Blumig of,

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Botany: black walnut: juglone

The tutor researches the effects of juglone from black walnut trees. Juglone is a toxin produced by the black walnut tree; it’s found throughout the tree and in its leaves, shells and nuts. Apparently, to humans eating the walnuts, the

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