Month: September 2016

Math: solving a system of linear equations in 2 variables with the Sharp el-520w

The tutor shows how to easily solve a two-variable linear system with the amazing Sharp el-520w. Let’s imagine you’re posed the following problem: Solve the linear system: (2/3)x – (1/5)y = 2 -4x + 3y = 6 With the Sharp

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Web programming: the “auto” setting

The tutor talks a bit about “auto”: is it the default setting for layout? I’ve read that “auto” is default: unless you set the property to something else in particular, the element will be rendered as though that property was

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Math: solving an absolute value equation with the Sharp el-520w equation solver

The tutor shows absolute value on the Sharp el-520w. As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, absolute value of x, commonly written |x|, can be defined as follows: I can’t find a dedicated absolute value function on the Sharp el-520w; however,

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Math: absolute value: definitions with examples

The tutor defines absolute value in two ways. The absolute value of x is normally written as |x|; a calculator might call it abs(x) but show it either way. It can be defined as follows: x = { x, x≥0

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Math: polynomial long division: when to add a 0 (missing power of x)

The tutor continues about polynomial long division. I put across the main idea of polynomial long division in my Sept 24 post. What if the polynomial is missing a power of x: for example, like so In such a case,

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Cooking: are green potatoes dangerous, and why?

The tutor shares information about the hazard of green potatoes. Potatoes are meant to grow covered beneath the soil. When a tuber (the edible part of a potato) gets exposed to the sun, its exposed cells develop chlorophyll, so turn

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Math: polynomial long division

The tutor shows an example of how to divide a polynomial by a binomial. Long division with polynomials is appreciated by math teachers, but few others. What follows is an illustrated example of how to do it. A simple polynomial

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Tree identification: London planetree

The tutor identifies a London planetree. A London planetree is a hybrid between American sycamore and Oriental planetree. (The Oriental planetree is a sycamore as well.) London planetree’s leaves are similar to American sycamore, but its fruits come in strings

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Calculator usage: Where is the comma on the Staples BD-6120G? (I’ll tell you:)

The tutor tells where the comma is on the Staples BD-6120G. With the Staples BD-6120G, finding the comma took me a few minutes. It’s a blue speck just above the left corner of the hyp key. You would enter a

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Calculator usage: definite integrals on the TI-83 Plus

The tutor shows the integral function on the TI-83 Plus. To evaluate an integral on the TI-83 Plus, go to the Math menu, then arrow down to fnInt(, which is choice 9. It accepts the parameters as follows: fnInt(function, variable

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