Month: October 2016

Calculators: changing the cells for the Sharp el-520w, el-531w, el-w535

The tutor tells how to change the batteries for the Sharp el-520w, el-531w, and el-w535. Here are the cell requirements: el-520w: two LR44 cells el-531w: two LR44 cells el-w535: one LR44 cell Flipping any of the three models over, you’ll

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Spreadsheets: text rotation with Excel

The tutor tells how to rotate text in Excel. Excel can rotate text at an arbitrary angle. In Home view, find the button that looks like . Clicking the little down arrow next to it, you’ll see a drop-down menu;

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Geography: CIA World Factbook

The tutor shares findings about world population and life expectancy from the CIA World Factbook. Now and then I like to drop by the CIA World Factbook. Today I got some surprising intel: World life expectancy: 69 years (much higher

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Octal logic: 6 AND 5 = 4

The tutor explains a consequence of octal logic. Octal logic focuses on numbers in base 8. An octal number has the following form: p(20)+q(21)+r(22) which evaluates to p(1)+q(2)+r(4) where p,q,r have possible values 0 or 1 (“off” or “on”). The

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English: the meaning of coeval

The tutor shares his discovery of the word coeval. According to the Oxford Canadian Dictionary(2005), coeval can be an adjective, meaning of the same period or age. It can also be a noun, meaning a person contemporary with another. Perhaps

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Spreadsheets: How to border a range of cells in Excel

The tutor tells how to set a border around a selected area in Excel. Here’s how: Select the area around which you want a border, then right click. You’ll see a toolbar and a menu. On the toolbar, find the

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Spreadsheets: How to border a selection in LibreOffice Calc

The tutor explains how to set a border around a range of cells in LibreOffice Calc. Here’s what to do: Select the area around which you want a border. Find the icon that’s a square divided in four; it’s perhaps

Math: symbolic logic meets digital circuits: p→q means ¬A or B

The tutor translates p→q to the boolean expression ¬A or B. In my beginning post about symbolic logic, I mention that the statement p implies q, also stated p→q, has the following truth table: p q p→q 0 0 1

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Spreadsheets: Calculating fraction of a year: yearfrac() function

The tutor shows an example of how to use the yearfrac() function in Excel or LibreOffice Calc. Example: Find the fraction of a year between January 10, 2016, and June 2, 2016. Solution: In Excel or LibreOffice Calc, select a

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Spreadsheets: which day in the year is this? -Calculated with Excel or LibreOffice Calc

The tutor tells how to find the number of a day in the year with Excel or LibreOffice Calc. Today, October 21, 2016, is the 295th day of 2016. How do I know? Here are two ways: Counting the days

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