Month: January 2017

Nutrition: what does folate (folic acid) do?

The tutor explores the function of folic acid in the body. Folate is a B-vitamin; the synthetic form used to supplement foods is folic acid, which the body converts to folate. Folate is needed for cell division and producing certain

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Lifestyle, nutrition: eggs and cholesterol

The tutor compares egg yolk to egg white and generally considers eggs. I’ve been told that it’s best to eat the egg white without the yolk, but I’ve never believed it. Today I looked it up. About 43% of an

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Exercise and Fitness: protein consumption for muscle building

The tutor looks into recommended daily protein intake for athletes. I’ve been under the impression that around 50g protein per day would be adequate for me (175lb, active). However, from my investigation today, that’s too low, even for a sedentary

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Chemistry: Amonton’s Law

The tutor introduces an interesting law from chemistry. Amonton’s Law states that the pressure of a gas is directly related to its absolute temperature: P=kT, where k is some constant. Amonton’s Law needs the conditions of constant moles of gas

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Physics: Why is electric field between parallel plates constant, but not between two point charges?

The tutor discusses the electric field between two parallel plates, then between two point charges. A consequence of Gauss’s Law is that, from an infinite charged plane, the electric field is constant, independent of distance, and given by E =

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Calculator usage, physics: εο: permittivity of free space constant on the Sharp el-520w

The tutor tells how to access the built-in εο constant on the Sharp el-520w. The Sharp el-520w has 52 built-in constants relating to physics, chemistry, etc. Here’s how to call up εο, which has value 8.85×10-12: Press the CNST key,

Brands: who owns Tetley?

The tutor shares another brand find. I’ve known of Tetley since I can remember. Who owns the brand? Apparently, since 2000, it’s been part of TATA Global Beverages. Tetley had been a UK company since 1837. It seems that Tetley

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Chemistry, thermodynamics: temperature increase caused by compression, continued

The tutor looks more specifically into the effect of compression on gas temperature. In my January 20 post I began about thermodynamics and the effect of compressing a gas. Today, I’ll give more specific coverage. The temperature rise a gas

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Physics: pressure: how high a column of water might a household tap support?

The tutor imagines a water pressure scenario. Let’s imagine the pressure of a faucet is 40psi (pounds per square inch). For the sake of physics, we might convert that pressure to N/m^2: (40lb/inch^2)*(9.8N/2.2lb)*(inch/0.0254m)^2=276182N/m^2 The gravitational force on a water column

Lifestyle: convection oven vs regular oven

The tutor looks into the advantages of a convection oven. I’ve never owned a convection oven or used one, but years ago I knew a very pragmatic coffee shop owner. He baked his own goods, and he had a convection