Month: April 2017

Windows 7: the blue screen with white bird near green branch

Trying to repair a computer this weekend has involved self-tutoring. The tutor mentions the beloved “blue screen with white bird near green branch.” If you don’t know the screen mentioned in the title, you might be lucky. I’ve encountered it

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CSS: word-spacing

Tutoring, I just love to bring up neat new topics. The tutor mentions word-spacing. This sentence has no word-spacing set. This sentence has word-spacing at 150% (which apparently doesn’t change the rendering). This sentence has word-spacing at 1em. This sentence

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Lifestyle: handyman role: how to remove a tight lag screw (hopefully) in one piece

Yard work is constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares an observation from it. Today I was disassembling some reinforcements made last fall for an abandoned project. The reinforcements were triangular, consisting of landscaping ties and 2×6 boards fastened with lag screws.

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English: nouns: concrete vs abstract

Tutoring English, definitions are useful. The tutor distinguishes between two types of nouns. Concrete noun: a noun that can be perceived with one of the five senses. Therefore, book, thud (from something hitting the ground), aroma (as from coffee), pin-prick

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English: dangling modifiers: what are they, and how can they be corrected?

Tutoring English, this topic is a classic. The tutor recalls hearing it decades ago…. A modifier gives more meaning to its sentence, but isn’t the main idea. Some examples (with modifiers in italics): Sitting around the campfire, we noticed a

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Java: overriding methods: what it means, and rules about it

Tutoring Java programming, you might be asked to clarify about overriding. The tutor shares some thoughts. In Java, when you override a method, you either define its performance (give it a “body”), or else redefine (change) its performance . Case

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Java compile error: non-static method cannot be referenced from a static context – what causes it?

Tutoring Java programming, this error message might come up. The tutor talks about a couple of its causes. The message error: non-static method MethodX() cannot be referenced from a static context has a couple of causes I know: The class

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Web design: CSS properties vs html attributes

Tutoring, definitions are important. The tutor shares the difference between CSS properties and html attributes. A CSS property is something you change to affect the appearance of an element. For instance, the color property can be set to the color

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CSS resize: how to use it, and how to know when an element is resizable

Anyone tutoring web design knows that CSS is practically a universe. The tutor mentions CSS resize. To make a div element resizable on a desktop, the CSS property resize can be used. For example, the resizable div This div is

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Err: Invalid Dim on Ti-83 Plus: What causes it, and how can you get rid of it?

Tutoring high school math, you might use the TI-83 Plus. The tutor shares his finding about an error message he recently saw. The other day, when trying to graph a function, the error message ERR: INVALID DIM appeared. From what

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