Month: May 2017

English: the word notional

Tutoring English, I’m always looking for new words. The tutor brings up notional. If a notion is an idea, then notional should relate somehow to one. In fact: notional: existing only as an idea; imaginary Notional can also describe someone

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English: inter (verb)

Playing Parker Brothers’ Boggle (1976) means constant English tutoring. The tutor shares one such case. Last night, playing Boggle, my wife claimed inter. I thought it was a prefix, so not allowed. She looked it up. Of course she found

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Calculator usage: finding final price after discount and tax with the HP-10B

Tutoring financial math, you might often use the HP-10B. The tutor shows how easily it can apply a discount then add tax to get the final price. Example: Imagine a handbag is regular price $85 but is discounted by 20%.

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Calculator usage: markup on the HP-10B

Tutoring financial math, you might fall in love with a calculator. The tutor tells about markup on the HP-10B. Example: Imagine you buy a product for $35, then want to apply a 25% markup. Find the tag price using the

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Bird watching: horned lark?

Bird identification involves constant self-tutoring. The tutor describes a bird he saw, and attempts to identify it. Yesterday’s sunny afternoon, I noticed something odd from the corner of my eye. I had no idea what it would be, just that

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Calculator usage: memory on the HP-10B

Tutoring financial math, you’ll likely encounter the capable HP-10B. The tutor tells how to use its user-accessible memory. The HP-10B seems to have 11 dedicated places to store your own numbers. The locations are at 0 to 9, plus there

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Calculator usage, statistics: the amazing Casio fx-991ES PLUS C

Tutoring math, you see all kinds of scientific calculators. The tutor continues to praise the Casio fx-991ES PLUS C. If you were to be marooned on an island with a single calculator…which one would you prefer? The question is absurd,

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Lifestyle: start of summer, 2017

Tutoring, you observe how people’s lifestyle and attitudes change along with the weather. The tutor reflects on the coming of summer, 2017. To a Canadian, seasons may not begin according to the designated times on the calendar. In my January

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English: homonyms (or homophones): illicit vs elicit

Tutoring English, homophones continue to be a favourite topic. The tutor brings up the pair illicit and elicit. elicit (verb): to provoke a response. illicit (adj): illegal; non-permissible; purposely concealed (to avoid consequences). The difference (depending on which dictionary you

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English: what does moil mean?

Tutoring English, vocabulary expansion is important. The tutor brings up the word moil. Today, during a family game of Boggle (Parker Brothers, 1976), I claimed the word moil on a hunch. It turned out, indeed, to be a word: moil

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