Month: July 2017

Home computer use: email programs: copying an email to a different label in Gmail

Home computer use might require self-tutoring. The tutor shares a bit. Users of typical email programs might imagine moving a message from Inbox to the Education folder, the Nancy folder (if Nancy is one of your correspondents), or so on.

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Astronomy: meteor, meteoroid and meteorite: what’s the difference?

Tutoring science, meteors and their kin might arise. The tutor defines meteor, meteoroid, and meteorite. A meteor is the streak of light you might see in the sky at night, when matter travelling through space enters Earth’s atmosphere. The rock,

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Biology: How life on Earth may have started (and perhaps why it could): part 0

Tutoring biology, how life originated is an inevitable question. The tutor offers a point about it. By the cell theory, which I discussed in yesterday’s post, new life can only result from an organism already alive. Scientists believe life started

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Biology: cell theory

Tutoring biology, or any subject, essential concepts can continue to deliver surprises. The tutor looks at cell theory. Cell theory is perhaps the first brick in the structure of modern biological understanding. It states the following: Every living organism is

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Lifestyle: taurine, part 1

Going online for self-tutoring about energy drinks, the tutor follows the leads as they come: more about taurine. In yesterday’s post I began about taurine and reported that two sources suggest 3000mg per day, in most cases, is thought to

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Lifestyle: taurine, part 0

Lifestyle means constant self-tutoring. The tutor begins research about taurine. I was talking to a student the other day who consumes energy drinks. She mentioned they can be controversial, so I asked why. The caffeine and taurine content, she answered,

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Lifestyle, mobile phones: phone cases

Perhaps lifestyle requires more tutoring than anything else – for me, anyway. The tutor relays his experience phone case shopping. Yesterday I got schooled on how to buy phone cases. I’m interested to share what I’ve learned. We bought my

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Architecture: what is an engaged column?

Tutoring history, you might mention architectural features. The tutor brings up the engaged column. An engaged column is a round vertical feature that is not free-standing, but partly built into a wall. Its roundness protrudes from the wall it’s part

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Lifestyle, CSS: colours: what is the colour ochre?

Colour discovery means constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a find about ochre. I’ve always thought ochre meant red; apparently, I thought wrong. It turns out that ochre is an orange color, leaning brown and yellow rather than red: ochre background

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Lifestyle: what is the most visible colour?

Sometimes, during tutoring, the key is to ask the really interesting questions, whatever the topic. The tutor brings up one he recently wondered. What is the most noticeable colour, by day, anyway? Red? White? Apparently neither, but rather, fluorescent green/yellow.

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