Month: September 2017

Cooking: oven French fries

Experimenting with cooking is self-tutoring. The tutor discusses making French fries in the oven. I wanted to make French fries, but don’t have a fryer. I looked up the oven method on the internet. I admit I didn’t follow any

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Geography: maple syrup production

Tutoring geography, agriculture is topical. The tutor brings up maple syrup production by region. Of course my kids have this Friday off, so I made them (and myself) pancakes for breakfast. While they actually prefer plain syrup, I like maple

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Design: ebony and ivory

Tutoring web design, you encounter color choices. The tutor follows his fascination about off-whites paired with dark colors. From my research, here is what ebony and ivory look like together: ▮▮▮ Ebony ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ and ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮ ivory:) ▮▮▮ Source: w3schools

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Canadian Geography: two Lawrencetowns in Nova Scotia?

Tutoring social studies, the Maritimes enter the conversation. The tutor mentions a discovery he made a couple of days ago about Nova Scotia. Recently, looking at a map of Nova Scotia, I noticed a place called Lawrencetown, perhaps about 5

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Lifestyle: apple tree pruning – or lack thereof

Lifestyle tutoring takes the front once again, as the tutor mentions some observations about this season’s apple harvest. I’m no pruning expert, but I do know some principles about it. Normally I prune the apple tree during winter. Last year,

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Geography: UTM coordinates

Tutoring math, number-oriented topics naturally arise. The tutor gives some simple points about the UTM coordinate system. UTM stands for Universal Transverse Mercator: it produces a grid on Earth from which locations can be referenced. UTM organizes the Earth, from

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Homework: how much per night?

Tutoring, you might wonder about minutes of homework per night. The tutor shares some findings. I’ve heard a rule of thumb that the suggested amount of homework per night is grade times 10. Therefore, a grade 8 student can expect

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Spreadsheets: p-value with Excel

Tutoring stats, you deal with p-values. The tutor shows an Excel connection. In my posts here and here I mention p-values. Example: Using Excel, get a two-tailed p-value for z=2.4 Solution: Using symmetry, it’s best to get the cumulative z-probability

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Biology: what is a trophic level?

Tutoring biology, you come across the concept of trophic level. The tutor defines it. In an ecosystem, a tropic level can be thought of as a level of energy or of consumption. The organisms at trophic level 1 are called

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Lifestyle: symptomatic relief

More lifestyle self-tutoring: to take or not to take cold relief medication? The tutor offers perspective. There’s a cold circulating; yesterday it hit me like a ton of bricks. Yet, I had to perform my duties. Normally, I just tough

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