Month: October 2017

Tree identification: amur corktree (Phellodendron amurence)

Tree identification leads to more self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a find of an amur corktree in Victoria. Nowhere seems better than Victoria to find particular trees. Down there last weekend, I had very little opportunity to tree-hunt. Yet, a few

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Tree identification: ginkgo biloba

Tree identification leads to self-tutoring. The tutor shares a find from Victoria. Down in Victoria the weekend, I noticed a tree with fan-shaped leaves. I believe I saw one or more right downtown, around the Government/Yates area. I suppose the

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Physics: definitions of stress and strain

Tutoring physics, you might encounter the concepts of stress and strain. The tutor defines them. In physics, stress and strain are related, but have very different meanings. A helpful idea is that stress is imposed on an object, while strain

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Health: does zinc help with eczema?

Maintaining health can mean self-tutoring. The tutor shares his own experience with zinc. About twenty years ago I read a great book about health. I think it was by a doctor from Seattle, but can’t recall the title or his

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Physics: what does elastic mean?

Tutoring physics, the term elastic can surface. The tutor discusses it. elastic adj: able to recover its original shape; able to resist permanent deformation after a distorting force is withdrawn. Referring to a rubber band, it’s not called elastic because

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Lifestyle: only two months ’til Christmas….

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor reflects on the meaning of marking time according to Christmas. Last July, I think it was, I happened to notice the date was the 25th. I said to someone, “Only five more months ’til Christmas!”

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Lifestyle: cooking: why scald the milk?

For me, learning to cook means constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares his findings about why a recipe might ask you to scald the milk. A gingerbread recipe I’m considering, asks me to scald the milk. Wondering why, I’ve researched possible

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Lifestyle: comfort foods: stove-top rice pudding

Lifestyle can mean constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares a recipe he loves. I’ve been a house-husband since September, so have begun cooking in earnest. Although I’m no match for my wife – yet – I’ve found some great recipes she

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Biology: what is the most contagious disease among humans?

Tutoring biology, diseases are mentioned. The tutor names perhaps the most contagious one. Measles is potentially the most contagious disease among humans. In particular, all children in a natural, unvaccinated population will catch it.1 When I was a kid, I

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Psychology: human preference of driving to walking

Tutoring psychology, you deal with concepts of motivation. The tutor discusses the human preference to drive rather than walk. I’ve had a driver’s licence almost 30 years. Yet, I didn’t drive much as a kid, preferring to take the bus,

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