Month: November 2017

English, history: AD vs CE

Tutoring English, conventions are important. The tutor brings up one he was curious about. As far as I can determine, timewise, the two acronyms AD and CE have the same meaning. However, their literal meanings are different: AD anno domini:

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Chemistry: groups IB and IIB

Tutoring chemistry, the periodic table is important. The tutor mentions a peculiarity of it. The transition metals are the elements in the middle of the periodic table, starting the fourth row from the top. Their first element is scandium (Sc).

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Statistics: how often can something “better” be expected to perform better?

Tutoring statistics, you might imagine everyday situations. The tutor brings up one. Let’s imagine we have two mile runners. Runner 1, called R1, has mean time 4:45, with standard deviation 10s; R2 has mean time 5:00 with standard deviation 12s.

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Lifestyle: food wrap: wax paper vs aluminum foil

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor makes a preliminary comparison between wax paper and aluminum foil. We’ve always used wax paper to wrap sandwiches, but a couple of weeks back we ran out. The only alternative on hand was aluminum foil,

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Astrology: what is the Sagittarian temperament?

Tutoring, you meet so many new people. The tutor shares some facts he discovered about Sagittarians, whose time in the calendar is now. Birth November 22 to December 21 indicates Sagittarius. I’ve recently met a few, and also realized that

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Lifestyle: do you have to proof yeast?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor wonders whether you need to proof yeast. When I started making bread, the first kind of yeast I used was active dry yeast. I was under the impression you need to proof yeast, so did

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Handyman role: hinge measurements

Taking on the handyman role leads to self-tutoring: the tutor shares a discovery about hinge sizing. At possibly around 20 years old, little things on a house can need replacing. Such was the case with the spring hinge on the

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Lifestyle, nutrition, health: Fibre battle: apple vs orange

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor researches which fruit – apple or orange – has more fibre. Just before bed I tend to eat fruits and/or vegetables if I haven’t had enough during the day. One reason to eat fruits/vegetables is

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Medical technology: is CT scan the same as CAT scan?

Curiosity has led to self-tutoring: the tutor discusses the two terms CT scan and CAT scan. CT scan and CAT scan have the same meaning. CAT scan is the older term. CT stands computerized tomography, whereas CAT stands for computerized

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Lifestyle: how to cook pasta

Yet more lifestyle self-tutoring shared by the tutor, who wondered yesterday if he was cooking pasta correctly. When I was a kid, someone told me to add oil to the water when cooking pasta. My wife, however, says not to.

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