Month: December 2017

Canadian culture, social studies: Canadian ethnicity

Tutoring social studies, ethnicity may arise. The tutor brings up an example he observed. In the Fraser Valley last week, I was leaving a hotel lobby to return to the room. The night air felt brisk on the face; snow

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Math: minimum sum of squares

Tutoring math, you encounter patterns. The tutor brings up one about sums of squares. If two whole numbers sum to a constant even one, then their minimum sum of squares will come from each being half. The reason: Let the

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Anthropology: what is pastoralism?

Tutoring social sciences, definitions are important. The tutor defines pastoralism. pastoralism: a way of life centred on maintaining a herd of animals to consume for protein. Source: Haviland, William A. Human Evolution and Prehistory, 3rd ed. Toronto: Harcourt Brace Publishers,

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Anthropology: organic solidarity

Tutoring anthropology, the cohesion of a society is an important concept. The tutor defines organic solidarity. organic solidarity: cohesion achieved in a complex society wherein work is specialized to the extent that one worker cannot perform the duties of someone

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Anthropology: mechanical solidarity

Tutoring social sciences, definitions are important. The tutor begins about mechanical solidarity. mechanical solidarity: Similarity among people such that everyone understands each other’s jobs. Furthermore, the society’s technology is commonly understood – and even reproducible – by its members. A

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Philosophy, Religion: how to achieve a perfect life

For me, religion involves constant self-tutoring. The tutor shares an observation from Abhay Charanaravinda Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, founder of the Hare Krishna Movement. At this festive time, people are striving to keep their relationships strong. During the year’s darkest days,

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Cholesterol: hdl vs ldl

More lifestyle tutoring: the tutor continues to research cholesterol. Perhaps many of us have heard that HDL is the “good” cholesterol, while LDL is the “bad”. What’s the difference? HDL: collects cholesterol from the blood and conveys it to the

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Lifestyle: Shaw remote replacement

Lifestyle, for me, means constant self-tutoring. The tutor mentions a good experience with Shaw Cable. My family loves TV. Eventually, after so much use, the Shaw remote wore out. Some buttons, in the end, were very difficult to activate. Watching

Computer science: what is a namespace?

Tutoring computer science, terms are so important. The tutor defines namespace. namespace: A labeled data structure that can contain its own definitions of variables, functions, files, etc. An example of a namespace is a directory (aka, folder). Imagine two different

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Lifestyle: cooking: substitute for baking powder

For me, learning to cook means constant self-tutoring. The tutor tells of a substitute he used, successfully, for baking power. Last night, I planned “breakfast for dinner”: pancakes. However, the recipe I wanted to use calls for two teaspoons baking

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