Month: January 2018

Calculus: using Excel to verify limit nth root of n, n goes to infinity

Tutoring calculus, you cover limits. The tutor mentions using Excel for confirmation. Because of Excel’s power, it can do some particular calculations you might use to verify a calculus limit. Example: In my April 19, 2016 post I develop the

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Home computer use: some practical experience with HP Notebook

For me, home computer use means self-tutoring. The tutor shares some experience with the HP Notebook. When I can’t use the desktop, I often use a Notebook by HP, purchased last May, which runs Windows 10. I had some problems

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Math, engineering, trades: steepness measurement: definition of grade

Tutoring math, you encounter grade. The tutor discusses its definition and why it might be surprising. Grade is defined as 100%*(vertical/horizontal). In the above diagram, it would be as follows: grade=100%*(rise/run). By itself, rise/run is called slope. Therefore, grade=100%*slope What

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Lifestyle, Canadian brands: coffee: Best Gourmet Coffee Company, Kona Blend, ground

The tutor discusses more lifestyle self-tutoring: maintaining coffee quality when you’re living from a suitcase. My wife says that my taste buds aren’t very refined – I can’t tell the difference between good food and great food. Likely, she tells

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Mobile phones, electronics: should I unplug the phone charger when not in use?

Technology self-tutoring: the tutor checks the importance of unplugging an unused phone charger. I’ve read in more than one place to unplug a phone charger when it’s not being used. Doing so I find inconvenient, but I’ve done it anyway

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Driving: another strategy with Google maps

Driving in a different city means self-tutoring. The tutor tells a strategy. Let’s imagine you need turn left onto a road, but don’t know how busy it will be. You might wish to do so from a light or a

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Lifestyle: Mambo Gourmet Pizza, Nanaimo, BC.

Becoming familiar with a city means self-tutoring. The tutor discovers Mambo Gourmet Pizza, Nanaimo. I’m based in Campbell River, but am working in Nanaimo for a couple of weeks. Times before, my wife has done the driving, etc. This time

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Art: what is hue?

Tutoring web design, you might encounter other color systems besides rgb. The tutor begins about hue. Hue exists on a scale from 0 to 360 degrees: 0 is red 120 is green 240 is blue Between those values are combinations

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School supplies: the Five Star Pencil Pouch by Mead

Tutoring, you encounter school supplies. The tutor talks of one he recently adopted. Let’s imagine the situation in which a person works in one place, not having to move their work or materials. Furthermore, let’s imagine they have their own

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