Month: April 2018

Art, web design: what is saturation?

Different perspectives on color lead to self-tutoring: the tutor shares ideas about saturation. Saturation is the opposite of gray. (See my post here about gray and grayscale.) Gray can also be written grey (see my post here). However, my sources

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English, Web Design: what does deprecated mean?

Tutoring English, fresh vocabulary keeps writing interesting. The tutor brings up a term he reads in connection with computer science. deprecated (adj) viewed unfavourably, viewed with disapproval. In computer science, certain ways of writing code can become deprecated after newer,

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Art, web design: gray and grayscale, part 0

Self-tutoring about color theory. The tutor mentions gray and grayscale. From the red, green, blue (aka rgb) point of view, gray is composed of equal inputs from each. There are many lightnesses of it. gray: rgb(n,n,n) Any flavor of gray

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Home computer use: shortcut key combinations: refreshing the page in the browser, Windows

More self-tutoring: the tutor mentions a shortcut to refresh the page in a browser. Ctrl+F5 is meant to refresh the page in the browser. As I understand, the reload is from the server rather than from the cache. Source:

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Food: dark raisins vs golden

More self-tutoring: a question crystallizes in the tutor’s mind, so he looks up the difference between dark raisins and golden ones. Talking about raisins produced in California, dark raisins and golden ones commonly begin as green grapes (typically, Thompson Seedless).

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English: grey and gray

Tutoring English, different spellings have novelty value. The tutor mentions one of his favorite pairs. Looking up gray, my two Canadian dictionaries give the defintion gray: grey. Merriam-Webster says gray: also grey…. I guess they mean the same. I usu.

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Web browsers, home computer use: setting the cursor in the search bar w/o using the mouse

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor shares a keyboard shortcut to the search bar. Ctrl+L is meant to return the cursor to the search bar. Source: Jack of Oracle Tutoring by Jack and Diane, Campbell River, BC.

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Biology: pH range of blood

Tutoring biology, as well as hearing new ideas about nutrition, might lead to the topic of blood pH. On the pH scale, 7 is neutral, below 7, acid, and above 7, alkaline (or base). Human blood pH range, for health,

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Psychology: recognition

More self-tutoring: the tutor discusses a group dynamic. I’ve been traveling as a chaperone lately. Not often do I spend time on the road with a group, but this weekend I am. An absolute necessity, when moving in a group,

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Lifestyle, health: sleep: do hours before midnight count for double?

More lifestyle self-tutoring: the tutor begins research about the question of sleep quality before midnight vs after. I first heard the adage “hours of sleep before midnight count for double” from a judo coach. I trust he’s probably right, though

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