Month: June 2018

Are dandelions an invasive species?

Tutoring English, one is interested in definitions. The tutor examines the definition of invasive species in connection with the common dandelion. The common dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) is from Europe, rather than native to North America. Although it seems to be

What is default text (font) size on Chrome?

Self-tutoring about the Chrome browser: the tutor measures its default font size in pixels. I opened the Chrome settings and found its font set to “medium”. I then made a quick page with two divs: one set at 20em, then

Homonyms: filter and philter

Tutoring English, homonyms are a favourite topic of mine. The tutor mentions the pair filter and philter. A filter is a porous barrier to separate solids from liquid; a philtre is a magic potion – often, specifically, a love potion.

What does apposite mean?

Tutoring English, vocabulary is always interesting. The tutor mentions the word apposite. apposite adj: cleverly chosen for the situation. The meal of cold-cut sandwiches was apposite, given the hot weather. Source: Barber, Katherine et al. Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current

Crunchy peanut butter vs smooth: which is more popular, and by how much?

Self-tutoring about peanut butter preference: the tutor inquires about the popularity of crunchy vs smooth. We eat a lot of peanut butter, but have gone years without buying crunchy. I’d say 95% of the peanut butter we’ve ever bought has

How rare is a four-leaf clover?

Self-tutoring about plant lore: the tutor researches four-leaf clovers. The rarity of the four-leaf clover is around 1:10000, research suggests. I’ve never found a four-leaf clover. However, one summer when I was a kid, one of my friends found one,

Screen resolution, dp and ppi

Self-tutoring about technology: the tutor inquires about screen size, resolution, dp, and ppi. Apparently, dp is 160x(screen size in inches). Resolution means, as I understand, the logical, rather than physical, linear elements across the screen. The reason: ppi (pixels per

What is clarified butter, and what is ghee?

Self-tutoring about cooking: the tutor arrives at the definitions of clarified butter and ghee. Clarified butter and ghee are not the same but can be explained as follows: Clarified butter is begun by heating butter at low heat so that

Flash point vs fire point: what is the difference?

Self-tutoring about safe temperature to heat cooking oil led the tutor to seek the difference between flash point and fire point. At the flash point, the vapor is ignitable but will only burn with a continuous source of ignition. At

How to keep eggshell out of your baked goods

Self-tutoring about baking: the tutor shares a simple trick. When you bake something, you definitely don’t want eggshell in it. Of course, it usually wouldn’t happen. However, the odd time, an egg might crack irregularly, so that a piece of