Month: July 2018

The “Your Windows is infected with 3 viruses” pop-up

Home computer self-tutoring: the tutor shares a sudden experience from last night. Yesterday evening I was surfing the ‘net when suddenly a pop-up appeared with a beep. Rather alarmingly, it presented me the message that “your Windows is infected with

Biology: what does sympatric mean?

Biology self-tutoring: the tutor looks up the definition of sympatric. sympatric: inhabiting the same region as two distinct species. On BC’s coast, western hemlock is sympatric with sitka spruce. Source: wikipedia

What is a curl-up?

Self-tutoring about exercise: the tutor seeks the definition of curl-up. A curl-up is done like so: The arms are folded across the chest. The heels are flat on the floor. The knees are bent. In the “down” position, the person’s

Why it’s best to avoid spine-bending exercises when you get up

Exercise self-tutoring: the tutor looks at spine flexibility. Apparently, the discs in the back soak up water overnight; therefore, when a person rises in the morning, the back is less flexible than later on. It’s a natural fact. Because of

Is talking to yourself recommended?

Lifestyle self tutoring: the tutor inquires about an age-old habit. When I’m alone, I often talk myself through tasks. I’m sure it’s beneficial, so did a little research. Apparently, there are experts who agree with me: talking to yourself organizes

What is a tank town?

Tutoring English, discoveries are continuous. The tutor brings up the term tank town. tank town (noun): a small town, not distinguished. Apparently, the phrase comes from the steam locomotive era, when a train would stop at a town to refill

School supplies: calculators: the amazing Staples BD-6108 scientific calculator

Tutoring math, calculators are always interesting. The tutor mentions a great find at Staples. On a clearance rack at Staples yesterday I found the BD-6108 scientific calculator for $3.97. I can’t remember seeing the BD-6108 before, but I just opened

What does feverfew look like?

Self-tutoring about plant identification: the tutor identifies the daisy-like plant growing in the backyard. Identifying this one took some time, but I believe it’s feverfew (Tanacetum parthenium). The non-pointed, lobed leaves seem to be decisive, as many plants, apparently, have

What is the 2 hour, 4 hour rule for food safety?

Self-tutoring about food safety: the tutor brings up the 2 hour, 4 hour rule. During summer, food safety might be apropos, for a couple of reasons: People often cook food for outdoors, and possibly large batches. The elevated temperature might

Gooseberries: Ribes uva-crispa vs Ribes hirtellum

Self-tutoring about botany: the tutor wades into the distinctions between the European gooseberry and the American one. Ribes uva-crispa is the old world gooseberry. Its berries can be an inch (2.5cm) across – its leaves, 6cm. However, its nodal spines