Month: August 2018

Chess: what is minority attack?

Self-tutoring about chess: the tutor shares a term he picked up from the channel of MatoJelic. minority attack: a pawn invasion on the side where the defender has more. Source: MatoJelic

Impostor or imposter?

Tutoring English, surprises are common. The tutor mentions one about the spelling of imposter…(or is it impostor)? imposter (noun): someone who pretends to be someone else. Imposter and impostor are both valid spellings of the word. Source: Gilmour, Lorna (editor).

What does propound mean?

Tutoring English, words surface that a student might recall, but never looked up. The tutor mentions the word propound. propound (verb): propose for contemplation. Source: Barber, Katherine (Editor-in-chief). Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English. Don Mills: Oxford University Press, 2005.

What does didactic mean?

Tutoring English, some words appear less often, but are common in certain contexts. The tutor mentions the word didactic. didactic (adj): meant to convey moral instruction. Source: Mish, Frederick C. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004.

What is dross?

Tutoring English, vocabulary is always interesting. The tutor mentions the definition of dross. dross (noun): disposable matter or impurity, often referring to that floating atop a molten metal. Source: Gilmour, Lorna (editor). Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Glasgow:

The two definitions of the verb cleave

Tutoring English, short, ordinary words with particular meanings can be very interesting. The tutor mentions the verb cleave and its two, almost opposite, implications. cleave (verb): 1. To stick to as if, or because of being, joined. 2. To split

What is a wadi?

Self-tutoring about geography: the tutor inquires about the meaning of wadi. wadi (noun): a stream bed that is usually dry but carries water during a rainy period. The term wadi is specific to the Middle East and North Africa. Source:

How many litres in a bath of wine?

Self-tutoring about archaeology: the tutor mentions the measure bath and offers its equivalent in litres. Numerous places in the Bible, the unit bath is mentioned – for instance at Ezra 7.22. Apparently, 1 bath=22 litres. Source:

What does stog mean?

Self-tutoring about English: the tutor confirms the existence of a word he uses. stog (v): to stick or stuff in place. Stog the tent pegs in the ground. Source:

The African and Arabian plates, part 1: the Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea

Self-tutoring about geology: the tutor mentions the surprising depth of the Gulf of Aqaba, and its reason. Plate tectonics describes the floating masses of rock that constitute the Earth’s crust and drift across the magma beneath. Most plates roughly correspond