Month: September 2018

Calculator usage: scientific notation and float notation on the amazing Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator

Tutoring high school math, calculators are always interesting. The tutor mentions a new favourite: the Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator. Toggling between float (aka ‘normal’) display vs scientific notation, the Staples BD-6108 Scientific Calculator delivers. Let’s imagine you want to convert

Lifestyle: garter snake in the garden

Self-tutoring about garter snakes and gardening: the tutor shares about garter snakes. Until 2012, I used to see snakes fairly often in the yard. Since, I’ve wondered where they’ve gone. After all, reptiles are sensitive creatures whose presence usually suggests

Homonyms: cue and queue

Tutoring English, homonyms are always interesting. The tutor mentions the pair cue and queue. cue (noun): signal to act or how to behave. queue (noun): line-up of individuals waiting their turn for service, entry, or exit. Source: Barber, Katherine et

Homonyms: high and hie

Tutoring English, homonyms are always interesting. The tutor mentions the pair high and hie. I imagine everyone knows what high means. hie (verb): hurry or hasten. Source: Gilmour, Lorna (editor). Collins Essential Canadian English Dictionary and Thesaurus. Glasgow: HarperCollins Publishers,

Roaming range of domestic cats

Self-tutoring about domestic cats: the tutor researches how far cats commonly roam. We have no pets, but other people’s cats visit our yard daily. There is rotation: some are new arrivals, while others have come for years. Some only come

Metric system: how big is a hectare?

Tutoring science, the metric system may arise. The tutor mentions the definition of a hectare. hectare (noun): a square unit spanning 10000m2. A hectare can be pictured an as area 100m wide by 100m long. Another way to imagine a

Composting: putting rhubarb leaves in the compost

Self-tutoring about composting: the tutor shares a find about composting rhubarb leaves. Rhubarb leaves are poisonous. Yet, can they be composted? The other day I noticed someone advising not to. I had assumed rhubarb leaves are compostable, and I’ve found

English: career, the verb

Tutoring English, words used in surprising ways are always interesting. The tutor mentions career, the verb. career (verb): travel in a seemingly uncontrolled manner at high speed. Source: Barber, Katherine et al. Oxford Canadian Dictionary of Current English. Don Mills:

Canadian Geography: Sable Island, Part 0

Self-tutoring about Canadian geography: the tutor begins about a famous, yet remote, part of his home province. Sable Island, from the French sable, meaning sand, is a connected arc of sand dunes that form an island about 175 km off

Computer problem: it seemed serious, until I disconnected a device.

Self-tutoring about home computer use: the tutor gives an update of his experience in home computing. The main computer we use, a Windows 7 desktop from 2010, had been struggling a couple of weeks. I mentioned about starting it in