Month: October 2018

Lifestyle: Halloween reflections, 2018

Self-tutoring about Halloween and holidays: the tutor examines special occasions such as Halloween. Halloween examines the dead and the supernatural – what might lurk beyond what we can see. It stimulates the imagination. The decorations and costumes are appealing and

English: what does rankle mean?

Tutoring English, vocabulary is always interesting. The tutor mentions rankle. rankle (verb): to irritate or cause resentment, perhaps continually. Her older sister’s privileges rankled her. Source: Mish, Frederick C. (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004. Barber, Katherine et al.

Yard work: October reflections

Self-tutoring about yard work: the tutor follows a family tradition. Although I’m trying to reform, I haven’t done much yard work these past few years. Perhaps absurdly, I did much more ten years ago, when we didn’t even have a

Music: The Stars and Stripes Forever

Self-tutoring about music: the tutor shares a couple of finds about the famous Stars and Stripes Forever. Since I was a kid, I’ve known The Stars and Stripes Fovever to be one of America’s best loved band compositions. Just to

English, repeating sound patterns

Tutoring English, the way words sound is important. The tutor mentions a pattern he’s noticed. Lately repeating sounds, but with different meanings, have caught my attention, such as the following: She walked along a long building. Here’s another example: The

Geography: leopards in Europe

Self-tutoring about geography: the tutor mentions the fact that leopards live in Europe. In yesterday’s post I mention that the Republic of Georgia’s northern border is often described as the border between Europe and Asia, yet even so, Georgia considers

Geography: the border between Europe and Asia, part 0: the Caucasus Region

Self-tutoring about geography: the tutor researches the Euro-Asian border. According to the CIA World Factbook, Georgia is in Asia, yet identifies as European. Some define the Euro-Asian border, in fact, as Georgia’s northern border, in the Caucasus Mountains. From that

English: what does vaunt mean?

Tutoring English, uncommon words – especially short ones – are of particular interest. The tutor mentions vaunt. vaunt (verb): to praise or brag about He vaunts his chili. Source: Mish, Frederick C. (editor). The Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Springfield: Merriam-Webster, 2004. Barber,

Serotonin: why someone might crave carbohydrates

Self-tutoring about health, diet and mood: the tutor finds a connection between eating carbohydrates and mood. Of course, some people eat because it makes them feel happy rather than because they are hungry. (I am one such person;) Is there

Home electronics: help from live chat

Self-tutoring about home electronics: the tutor shares. Using a Smart TV today, I couldn’t get the web browser to work, even though the TV itself reported being connected to the internet. I read the instructions in the support screen about